Shilling Wall

The Centre is undergoing major restoration works to the front façade. In order to ensure that the Shilling Wall does not get damaged during this period it is being removed and stored safely offsite.

It will be reinstalled once the works are complete

Queen Victoria Women's Centre | Shilling Wall

What is the Shilling Wall?

Erected in 2005, the Shilling Wall is an enduring tribute to women and is inscribed with the names of over 500 incredible women, celebrating their roles as mothers, grandmothers, caregivers, sisters, friends, colleagues and community contributors.

These incredible women may be teachers, politicians or journalists. They may be colleagues or community advocates or contributors whose work has been honoured. They may be loving and much loved mothers or grandmothers, or an affectionate aunt. They may be your daughter, partner, sister, mentor or friend.

The thing that all of these women have in common is that they have been recognised and paid tribute by someone who cares and values their contributions to the people around them.

Where can I find a list of the women on the Shilling Wall?

If you would like to search for your special woman we have created an online version of the Shilling Wall.  Each special woman can be found, along with their significant statement and the person who made the tribute.

Click on a letter below to browse each tribute by surname (in alphabetical order):

[A] – [B] – [C] – [D] – [E] – [F] – [G] – [H] – [I] – [J] – [K] – [L] – [M] – [N] – [O] – [P] – [Q] – [R] – [S] – [T] – [U] - [V] – [W] – [X] – [Y] – [Z]