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Listed by surname:

Tracy Laffan

Tribute by:  Judith Arnott

The women I have met on my journey have helped make me the woman I am.

Alison Laird

Tribute by:  Geraldine Allen, Christine Allen-Laird

Our mother is a significant woman because she is a loving mother, a friend, successful career woman, traveller, and a free spirit. She is an inspiration and we love her.

Janet Lalor

Tribute by:  Jenny & John & Erin & Michael & Peter Lalor, Toni Molony

Quiet. But a strong quiet. The kind of strong that supports all around them. She is the heart of our family. She is our mother. And we love her.

Catherine Lang

Tribute by:  Victoria ICT for Women Network

Catherine Lang has worked over many years to improve the entry, progression, and advancement of women in Information Communication Technology. Her contribution has been significant and the work she has undertaken has had a positive impact on many women’s ICT career.

Marcia Langton

Tribute by:  Helene Teichmann, Zac Teichmann, Bronwyn White, James Hibberd

Marion Lau

Tribute by:  Taitie Gilder, Judith Hanlon, Fleur Spitzer, Janet Schultz, Janet Wood

Marion Lau OAM, the first woman Chairperson of the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria and the first woman President of the Chinese Community Society of Victoria. She has been a member of the QVWC Trust and is highly regarded for her work in health, nursing and aged care.

Betty Lawson (nee Stevenson)

Tribute by:  Barbara Jennings, Gerry Tickell, Hon Kim Carr, Australian Education Union – Victoria Branch

Betty Lawson (formerly Stevenson) helped form the Technical Teachers Association of Victoria (TTAV) in 1967 and in 1968 was elected its first woman president. She was the first woman principal of a co-educational technical school.

Barbara Marjorie Fermoy Leahy

Tribute by:  Jane Clifton

Known to the world as ‘Mollie’, this woman of exceptional talent and taste, smoked, drank, acted, sang and led by bad example. Dead at 49. My mother.

Agnes Leane

Tribute by:  Shaun Leane

Agnes Leane, a nurse all her working life, husband unfortunately passed away when her 8 children were young. To her credit they are all now important contributors to society.

Frances Lee

Tribute by:  Jenny Beacham

Frances exemplifies the very best of country women – a great mother, community member, great wife and grandmother, fantastic cook, keen gardener and a terrific family member.

Jane Lee (nee Anderson)

Tribute by:  Nola Frawley

Susan Beatrice Lefroy

Tribute by:  Shirlee M. Kellett

For my extraordinary friend Susan, who is a compassionate observer of women’s journeys through life. Susan relates to me in the most thoughtful and imaginative way. I love her!

Bonny Eve Lepan-Walker

Tribute by:  Mrs Kathy Lepan-Walker

Bonny is my beautiful daughter and I nominate her for giving me joy and to remember my birthplace at the Queen Victoria Hospital on 24/2/75.

Bronwyn Irma Lewis

Tribute by:  Vivienne Shepherdson

The best sister anyone could possible have, always there for me; outstanding role model, friend, advocate and mentor for many; committed activist for human and animal rights.

Nancy Lewis

Tribute by:  Anne M V Brooks

Melbourne ophthalmologist almost 60 years. Medical superindendant RVEEH 1940-1941. Founded eye clinic Royal Children’s Hospital 1942. Australian Girls’ under 21 singles tennis champion 1932 & 1933. My mother.

Wendy A Lewis

Tribute by:  Alecia Rathbone

Wendy has dedicated herself to serving our community in many ways. She has inspired many and has been a wonderful mentor to me.

Lim Ah Yap

Tribute by:  Siew Moi Hong

She is a amazing lady and she loved Australia.

Annie (Nance) Lindsay

Tribute by:  Kenneth Lindsay

Mother. Honorary Life Governor QVMH 1975. Life Governor QVMH 1977.

Mavis Jean Ling

Tribute by:  Coralie Ling

Mavis Jean Ling was my mother. (1911-2006) She was a strong advocate for women’s education and independence.

Coralie Ling

Tribute by:  Marilyn Ann Born

A good friend. Trustworthy. Thoughtful. Kind and can roar some.

Constance E. Little

Tribute by:  ”Letters” readers of the Age

Sue Lockwood

Tribute by:  Breast Cancer Action Group, Nicola Bruce, Breastscreen Victoria, Women’s Health Victoria (Breacan)

Passionate advocate for consumers of breast and cancer services. One of the contributors to the early development of Breast Cancer Action Group. Her inspiration led to the formation of BreaCan.

Mei-Lin Loh

Tribute by:  Morag Loh

She is a loving daughter, wife and mother, a good friend, a fine professional and capable contributor in community affairs.

Su-Lin Loh

Tribute by:  Morag Loh

She is a loving daughter, wife and mother, a good friend and contributes capably and whole heartedly in community affairs.

Morag Loh

Tribute by:  Mei-Lin Loh & Su-Lin Loh

Catherine May Lourey

Tribute by:  Chris Lourey

My pioneering grandmother!

Jenni Lovel

Tribute by:  BreaCan

Jenni supported many women and their families who were living with a diagnosis of breast or gynaecological cancer whilst working as a volunteer for BreaCan.

Joan Carmel Luby (nee Makin)

Tribute by:  Mark, Maree, Anthony, Martin, Paul and Julie-Ann Luby

Hazel Luff (nee Williams)

Tribute by:  Brownwyn and Rodney Williams

Judith Lumley

Tribute by:  Staff and students of Mother and Child Health Research, La Trobe University

Professor Judith Lumley was the founding Director of Latrobe University Mother and Child Health Research Centre (1991-2008) and of the Victorian Perinatal Data Collection Unit (1983-1994). She had a significant role in the establishment of the Queen Victoria Hospital Birth Centre in 1980. Her contributions to women’s health, to perinatal epidemiology and to public health more broadly have earned her worldwide respect and recognition.

Robyn Lutze

Tribute by:  Judith Arnott

The women I have met on my journey have helped make me the woman I am.

Nancy Lyne

Tribute by:  Laurie Bebbington

Pioneer of maternal and child health in Broadmeadows.

Enid Lyons

Tribute by:  Melbourne Girls’ College

This ‘Grand Dame of Politics’ (1897-1981) was the first woman to sit in the Australian House of Representatives. She was a widow of Joseph Lyons, Premier of Tasmania and Prime Minister of Australia, and was elected to the seat of Darwin, Tasmania, in 1943. She became the first woman to serve in Cabinet and was twice re-elected Vice-President of the Executive Council. After her retirement from politics she worked as a journalist and published three books and served on the Board of Control of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Dame Enid Lyons achieved at a high standard. She was an extremely successful woman, who inspired many, which is why we believe so strongly that she deserves the nomination for the Shilling Wall.


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