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Marjorie Ruth Walker

Tribute by: Howard Walker, Kathleen Walker, Robbie Riddiford, Dora Wood

Our sister, Dr. Ruth Walker, obstetrician at Queen Vic Hospital for many years, a compassionate inspiration to many.

Joan Sylvia Walker

Tribute by: Alexandra Tascas

WWII British war veteran, war bride, war widows association Victoria committee and member, passionate human and women’s rights advocate, volunteer, mother and friend. (Deceased May 2009)

Ethel (nee Ingamells) Walker

Tribute by: Family of Ethel Walker

Ethel Ada Walker 1902-1984. A wise and loving presence in the lives of her own eight children and some 2000 other children who called Box Hill Grammar School home.

Joy Waller-Ogden

Worked tirelessly establishing clubrooms and comfortable and dignified housing for the aged. Qualified accountant for 60 years. Used expertise serving on a wide range of community committees. Raised three children.

Sue Wallis

Tribute by: Promotional tribute for Mother’s Day campaign 2012 on behalf of Mitch Wallis (Western Bulldogs). Authorised by Vivia Hickman.

May Isabel Walsh (nee Armstrong)

Tribute by: Carol Anne Stuart

Loving grandmother.

Dorothy Walton (nee Rickard)

Tribute by: Carolyn, Gladice & Dianne Walton

Our beautiful mother who did so much for us in her 59 years. We miss her every day and now her memory will be on the wall.

Yan Li Wang

Tribute by: Leon Gorr

Patricia Margaret Ward

Tribute by: Neil Ward

A loving and devoted Mother who has demonstrated her commitment to her family and her Church, tirelessly and continuously throughout her life, with much grace.

Lee Ward

Tribute by: Neil Ward

Loving and devoted wife, always willing to take on new challenges with enthusiasm.

Margaret Mary Ward

Tribute by: Kerri Ward

Mum you are a tower of strength, reason, comfort and unconditional love and I adore you, all my love always David.

Julie Helen Watson

Tribute by: Gwen Watson

I can’t find the words to express how loving my daughter is to me and the community. I’d be lost without her daily love and support.

Gwenyth Lillian Watson

Tribute by: Julie Watson

A wonderful supportive mother who has always been there for me.

Margaret Watters

Tribute by: Margaret Ray

Margaret Watters was the first female chair of Melbourne Citymission in its 150 years of working with disadvantaged Melbournians. (2004-2007) A friend to me and many.

Jeanette Faye Webb

Tribute by: Footscray SIPW’s

Jeanette has dedicated her working life to improving safety for babies and their mothers throughout the Western suburbs of Melbourne.

Geraldine Webb

Tribute by: Genevieve Webb, Catherine Houlihan, Pauline Nolan, Clare Webb

Geraldine Mary Webb (nee Hoare). Teacher, librarian, genealogist, volunteer and lifelong learner. Enthusiast who loves politics, sport, conservation, current affairs and life. Loving mother of four, teacher and friend of many. Her energy and passion inspire us.

Marion Webster

Lesley Westmoreland

Tribute by: Susan Brennan, Lynda Poke, Juli Dugdale, Bess Carr, Kathleen Edwards, Ann Drummond

Lesley Westmoreland OBE (1918-2006) was a much loved life member of the YWCA in Australia, serving on the Melbourne YWCA board and as National President and contributing to the YWCA worldwide.

Malory Weston

Tribute by: Christopher and Malory Weston

Olga Mary Wheeler

Tribute by: Nicole L. Wilton

A loving and strong-spirited woman who I am so proud to call my grandmother – my ‘Gan’

Janet Whiting

Tribute by: Jane Fenton, Lyndsey Cattermole

From Jane Fenton: At age 25, Lyndsey founded Aspect Computing Pty Limited; Australia’s largest software and services company. She has been at the forefront of the Australian IT Industry and has been an active contributor to the Australian Computer Society, the Prime Minister’s Science and Engineering Council, the Federal Government Electronic, Electrical and Information Industry Board, the Multimedia Advisory Committee, and the State Development Committee. Lyndsey has held many board positions on a range of government, advisory, association and not for profit committees. She was instrumental in forming the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, one of Australia’s largest biomedical research institutes which is co-located at the Royal Children’s Hospital. Lyndsey holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne and is a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society. She has been awarded a Medal of Australia, Centenary Medal, Rotary Vocational Services Award, the Pearcey Medal and been inducted into the IT&T Hall of Fame. Lyndsey is a true female entrepreneur.

From Lyndsey Cattermole: Janet is not only a renowned lawyer and partner of Corrs Chambers Westgarth, but has made a significant contribution to society through her work as a non-executive director. She has a direct impact on the lives of a number of women through her work as a Director of the Royal Women’s Hospital, as the Inaugural Director of the Royal Women’s Hospital Foundation and as Chair of Corrs Women in Business. Janet has made a difference to Victoria through her roles as Chair of the Victorian Arts Centre Trust and the Victoria Major Events Company. Her involvement has extended internationally through her directorship of the National Australia Day Council and of Tourism Australia. She is the Patron of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Foundation. As well as inspiring a generation of young women lawyers and making a real difference to society, Janet has been both a devoted daughter and a special mother. She is a real example of “By women. For Women.”

Stella Widdowson (nee Dorey)

Tribute by: Judith Arnott

The women I have met on my journey have helped make me the woman I am.

Bronwyn G Williams

Tribute by: Kate Driscoll

Woman of substance and strength. In paid and voluntary work with people with disabilities, children and young people, older people and veterans, the Princess Hill community, university alumni, health care and women’s information services, Bronwyn has created meaningful experiences and environments which welcome, value and support human dignity.

Janet Susan Williams

Tribute by: Hazel, Bronwyn, Rodney and David Williams

A remarkably inspiring daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend who enriched the lives of all who knew her. A teacher, fund-raiser, photographer, garden lover and international traveller who contributed to society in both Victoria and California.

Esther Williams

Tribute by: Jean Allison and Robyn Allison

19 February 1901 – 29 September 2002 Born into a pioneering family, Esther began her education at a one-teacher school, completing a Bachelor of Art and a Diploma of Education. Esther then moved to Fiji, working as a teacher and missionary. Returning to Australia she obtained a Bachelor of Education, and began Medical studies, graduating in 1946 and completing her residency at the Queen Victoria Hospital. She then returned to Suva, Fiji devoting her time to working among the poor, finally returning to Australia as a locum doctor in Gippsland. Esther was an avid reader of the classics, ancient Greek history, Shakespeare’s plays, poetry and The Age.

Jeanette Wirt

Tribute by: Victorian ICT for Women Network

Jeanette is an amazing advocate for women in IT. Her involvement ranges from mentoring young people in ICT to her role as Vice Chair of the Australian Computer Society Victoria.

Tracy Lee Wiseman

Tribute by: Sensis Colleagues and Friends

A free spirited, cheeky, fun loving young woman who filled her life with adventure, encouraging and inspiring those around her. She lived life to the max. You will be missed. xxx

WIRE Women's Information

Wong Cheo Foo

Tribute by: Siew Moi Hong

For my mother for all her care and love.

Janet R. Wood

Tribute by: D’Arcy Wood

Janet has made a sustained contribution to education, women’s welfare, refugees and the church for over 40 years. She has inspired many women to reach their potential.

Olive K. Wood

Tribute by: D’Arcy Wood

My mother gave medical service, most of it voluntary, to Australians and Tongans for almost 45 years. She brought up 6 children of her own as well.

Elizabeth Wood-Ellem

Tribute by: Dr Linnell Secomb

Elizabeth Wood-Ellem. PhD (History) University of Melbourne. Feminist, rational Christian socialist, committed to social justice and animal rights. Writer: notably biography/history of Queen Sälote of Tonga 1900-1965 (1999).

Mary Wooldridge

Tribute by: Jane Fenton AM

Anne J Wooldridge (nee Goldsworthy)

Tribute by: Mary Wooldridge, Jennifer O’Sullivan, Michael Wooldridge

Anne Wooldridge. Born 1932 Albury NSW, has been a wonderful wife, mother, nana, friend and inspiration to her husband, four children and eight grandchildren. Love Michael, Sue, Jenny and Mary.

Samantha Jane Worn

Tribute by: Mr & Mrs Marcus Worn, Mr & Mrs Douglas Worn, Miss Josie Conway & Mr Gary Conway

In memory of a happy, beautiful, thoughtful and generous girl.

Neita Wright

Tribute by: Judith Arnott

The women I meet on my journey make me the woman I am.

Amanda Kaye Wright

Tribute by: Judith Arnott

The women I have met on my journey have helped make me the woman I am.

Diane Holly Wright

Tribute by: (Isabel) Joy Bear

The most important of Diane’s many activities seeking to help the needs of others is her foundation of respite hospitals – Anam Cara House, Geelong and Anam Cara House, Colac.


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