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Be Ha

Tribute by:  Vietnamese Community in Australia, Vic Chapter (President – Phong Nguyen)

Be is a woman with a long standing track record that stands the test of time in her commitment to assist the disadvantaged and support of the future generations. She is a woman of strong integrity and commitment to the betterment of society.

Patricia C Hacker

Tribute by:  Manfred Hacker

Caring wife, mother, educator.

Ida Gertrude Halley

Tribute by:  Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Trust

Co-founder of the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital, she began the eye and ear section of the hospital in 1902. Following a career in education, she was appointed the first medical inspector of schools in Tasmania in 1902 and then in 1906 of New South Wales schools. In 1913 she began the South Australia Medical Branch for the Education Department, pioneering intelligence tests and special education for handicapped children. In 1920 she founded the South Australia Branch of the National Council for Women.

Bernadette Halliday

Tribute by:  Trish & Jonnie Morris

For nearly 25 years Bernadette has fought MS with both dignity and courage. She is an inspiring woman.

Petrina Frances Halloran

Tribute by:  Hannah, Nina, Fionn

Petrina is our mother, friend, mentor and our inspiration.

Elsie Josephine Hamilton

Tribute by:  Ruth & Peter Glare, Jim Hamilton, Don & Carole Hamilton, Roy & Gaye Hamilton

A wonderful mother, mentor and friend who was always loving and caring and lived her life fully and with great dignity.

Gaye Hamilton (nee Hennessy)

Tribute by:  Roy Hamilton

Wife/Partner of 37+ years.

Pat Hanlon

Tribute by:  Chris, Peter & Michael Hanlon (Pat’s sons) and their families

Because she’s our mum and she has been everything to us that the other women on the Shilling Wall have been to others.

Lorna Hannan

Tribute by:  City of Melbourne

Councillor 1991-1993, 1996-1999, Melbourne City Council

Elizabeth Harney

Tribute by:  Chris Lourey

My pioneering grandmother!

Olive Emily Harris

Tribute by:  Lynne Breese

Loving mother and granny. Empathic nurse. Inspirational nurse educator. Beloved on this earth.

Ethel Harrison

Tribute by:  Barbara Jennings

Lynette Hatton

Tribute by:  City of Melbourne

Councillor 1985-1993, Melbourne City Council

Helen Elizabeth Hayes

Tribute by:  Maryann Brown

Helen was Associate Professor of Education at the University of Ballarat. She inspired hundreds of beginner teachers. She was my doctorate supervisor, an inspiring role model, a mentor and most importantly a precious friend. She died 12/06/05.

Majorie Heggen (nee Drysdale)

Tribute by:  Catherine, Louise and Iain Heggen

Our mother.

Dorothy Leona Hennessy

Tribute by:  Gaye & Roy Hamilton

A wonderful mother and friend who has cared for family and friends unstintingly through a full and happy life.

Helen Hewett

Tribute by:  Industry Fund Forum

Helen has made a huge contribution to advancing the retirement savings of members of industry funds, as CEO of CBUS and Executive Officer of Industry Funds Forum.

Janette Hibberd

Tribute by:  City of Melbourne

Councillor 1991-1993, Melbourne City Council

Brenda W Higgins

Tribute by:  Jennifer O’Dea

Nurse extraordinaire, trained at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (this centre) and graduated in 1935. Wonderful mother to two daughters. Died January 2012 after an extraordinary life of 100 years.

Elizabeth Hinchey

Tribute by:  Judith Arnott

The women I meet on my journey make me the woman I am.

Eleanor N. Hodges

Tribute by:  Catriona Milne, Jean Hodges, Alastair Hodges, Christopher Hodges

Our mother raised 4 children then went overseas to study. She returned with a PhD to work and teach at 4 universities during her sixties and seventies. She is inspirational.

Caroline Hogg

Tribute by:  Candy Broad

For her outstanding efforts as an MP, Victorian Government Minister, Councillor and first woman Mayor of Collingwood, and teacher, who worked for a fairer, healthier and culturally diverse community.

Colleen Anne Hollingsworth

Tribute by:  Adam, David and Mark Hollingsworth

We would like to acknowledge our mum for supporting and encouraging her family always and for her unwavering strength and determination.

Kim Holyoake

Tribute by:  Judith Arnott

The women I have met on my journey have helped make me the woman I am.

Breagh Horrocks

Tribute by:  Douglas Jongsma

My niece and one of three daughters for this next generation.

Maureen Howard (nee Froelich)

Tribute by:  Caroline, Dallas, Jennifer & Anthony Howard and our partners and husbands

To our dear mum; a loyal, brave and loving influence in our lives.

Hope Margaret Hughes

Tribute by:  The Hughes Family

Hope has dedicated her life to community service and loving care of her family, friends and many extra ‘”adopted” individuals and families. She has made a significant contribution over the past 50 years to assisting migrants and refugees, Meals on Wheels and services to the elderly.

Barbara Humphreys

Tribute by:  Wendy Lewis

My mother has always been a supportive, caring and inspirational influence in my life.

Catherine Hyde

Tribute by:  Jan Kerlin

Catherine Hyde was my grandmother and a patient at QVW Hospital during the 1970′s. Catherine never complained during all the medical procedures and I saw her and still do as a great inspirational person.


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