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Meredith Claire Badger

Tribute by:  Julie & Jim Badger

Meredith, our first child, born in the Queen Victoria Hospital, is now an accomplished writer and artist and a wonderful daughter, partner, mother.

Hilary Susan Badger

Tribute by:  Julie and Jim Badger

Hilary, our remarkable brown-eyed girl, has given us so much joy by her love, thoughtfulness, generosity and achievements.

Louise F Bailey

Tribute by:  Heather Cobham

Louise is a special person who gives of herself in supporting people in their recovery journey. Many people owe what and who they are today to her support and encouragement.

Mavis Bailey (nee Bignell)

Tribute by:  Jo Bailey & Joe Marino

Mavis Bailey was a strong and caring woman who advocated for her family and the communities of Bonbeach and Sale, throughout her 82 years of life.

Catherine Bainbridge

Tribute by:  Hawthorn Community House

In an extensive and wide ranging career in schools and the wider community, Catherine has been a mentor and community friend to artists grappling with mental health issues and intellectual disabilities, running art programs and open studios, many of these being held at Hawthorn Community House.

Sari Nella Baird

Tribute by:  Maryann & Catherine Brown

A lawyer, lecturer, company secretary, networker and great friend. Sari has made a significant contribution to The Ballarat and Learmonth communities through extensive professional and voluntary work. A loyal friend and family member, Sari Baird is a woman of many qualities.

Muriel Bamblett

Tribute by:  Fenton Communications

Muriel Bamblett is a Yorta Yorta woman who has been employed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency since 1999. Muriel was the Chairperson of the Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care, the peak agency representing Indigenous Child and Family Services nationally, for 10 years. Muriel is active on many boards and committees concerning children, families and the Indigenous community, including the Victorian Children’s Council; the Australian Institute of Family Studies Advisory Council; the Aboriginal Child and Family Services Network; and the Aboriginal Community Elders Service. From 2009-10 Muriel was a Board Member on the NT Board of Inquiry into the Child Protection System. Muriel is an inspiration to many and provides incredible leadership and commitment to improving the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families. In 2009 Muriel was appointed an Adjunct Professor at LaTrobe University’s School of Social Work and Social Policy and this year was inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women.

Mary Veronica McDonald Barbour

Tribute by:  Dimity Alexandria Reed

Mary represents one of five generations of women in my family.

Jenny Barbour

Tribute by:  Victorian ICT for Women Network

Amanda Gaye Barton

Tribute by:  Helen, John, Lisa and David Barton

Our beautiful daughter and sister died December 24th 2007 from melanoma cancer. Generous to other, loving to all, talented film editor. Just a special girl to all who knew her.

Irene Batistatos Studeman

Tribute by:  Catherine Studeman Clancy

My mother, friend, confidante, role model. A strong, wise, just, self-sacrificing woman.

Antje Caesar Bauer

Tribute by:  Kirsten Bauer

Mother, community neighbourhood house co-ordinator, craftswomen, and volunteer.

Stefanie Bauer

Tribute by:  Kirsten Bauer

Sister, friend, community health worker, volunteer and political activist.

Edna Baylis

Tribute by: Dr John Gault & Mrs Louise Joy

Dr. Edna Baylis – Medical Officer, Queen Victoria Hospital 1930. Dr Edna Gault, medical missionary in India for 25 years with husband Edward. Mother of two, village health, adolescent psychiatry, aboriginal welfare.

Diane Bayliss (nee Davis)

Tribute by: Ivanhoe Neons Swimming Club

Founding and life member of Ivanhoe Neons Swimming Club. Di’s contribution to our club will remain her lasting legacy to the sport of swimming.

Gracia Baylor

Tribute by: Joan Rofe

Gracia, as president of the National Council of Women of Victoria was a very significant mover in the establishment of the centre, dealing expertly with government procrastination. She continues with voluntary work in several fields including tutoring in French and accommodating and mentoring overseas students.

Jenny Beacham

Tribute by: Eddie Beacham

My wife and life partner since 1956, wonderful mother and grandmother. Teacher, educator, innovator, leader, organiser, feminist, mentor and role model. Inspiration, driving force, host, entertainer and generous spirit.

Melinda Beacham

Tribute by: Jenny Beacham

Melinda is my daughter. She is an artist and has built her mud brick house at Mallacoota with her partner Geoff. It is a beautiful place and she is very committed to her community, a tireless community worker. Her daughters Jodie and Chia give us all great pleasure.

Nicole Beacham

Tribute by: Jenny Beacham

Nicole is my daughter. She is a qualified carpenter, has strong political views and is an excellent communicator. Terrific mother of Ellie and Emma.

Mary Beacham (nee Tachas)

Tribute by: Jenny Beacham

Mary is my Greek born daughter-in-law who brings a warm emotional dimension to our family, devoted caring mother of Julian and Martin.

Annette Bear-Crawford

Tribute by: Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Trust

Co-founder of the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital. Annette was a social worker and led the fundraising campaign to establish the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital, resulting in the Queen’s Shilling Fund raising 63,250 shillings, which is equivalent today to $25 million. Annette was also a leading force in the Victorian feminist movement and a passionate advocate for equal rights for women. She united the existing suffrage societies to establish the Victorian Women’s Franchise League in 1894, and formed the United Council for Women’s Suffrage.

Marilyn Beaumont

Tribute by: Susan Clarke

For outstanding contributions to the Australian Nursing Federation, establishing the Health Employees Superannuation Trust Australia, a dedicated advocate for women’s health and wellbeing including removing abortion from the Crimes Act.

Jennifer Margaret Beaumont

Tribute by: Holly, Mardi & Lisa -her daughters

This amazing woman is an inspirational teacher, passionate communicator, loving mother, grandmother, counsellor and mentor. She shares with us her cunning wit and a lifetime of stories. We love her dearly.

Beryl Beaurepaire

Tribute by: Elizabeth Norton

A lifetime of commitment and success in promoting rights and opportunities for women through public policy. My achievements have been possible with her support and guidance.

Laurie Elizabeth Bebbington

Tribute by: Laurie Bebbington

QVWC Trustee 2007-2010 and womens liberationist.

Edith Bebbington

Tribute by: Laurie Bebbington

Emigrated from England in 1921 with husband Joseph and seven children to a soldier settlement farm in Girgarre. Subsequently farmed in Yan Yean. Bore three more children. A pioneering woman.

Thelma Bebbington (nee Baker)

Tribute by: Laurie Bebbington

First maternal and child infant welfare sister to win the Vera Scantlebury Brown Scholarship. Skilled infant welfare nurse and loved mother.

Elleni Bereded-Samuel

Tribute by: Victorian Multicultural Commission

Elleni Bereded-Samuel was appointed as a Victorian Multicultural Commission Commissioner in 2005. Ethiopian born, Elleni is an active member of the community, working in women’s health and education and a wide range of ethnic groups in Australia. She is a member of the SBS Community Advisory Committee, the Horn of Africa Communities network, a director at the Royal Women’s Hospital and Community Engagement Coordinator at Victoria University.

Jessica Bernales

Tribute by: ARCVic Anxiety Recovery Centre

In recognition of an extraordinary 13 years of committed and generous service to the Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria, working tirelessly in support of people living with anxiety disorders.

Diane Berold

Tribute by: Catherine Brown

Di has been a wonderful friend and an inspirational teacher to me. She has encouraged my love of writing since school and has demonstrated a joyful approach to life.

Eileen Berry

Tribute by: Mardi Trompf

A smart, generous, loving woman. I look to Eileen as my inspiration.

Alice Betts (nee Bunyard)

Tribute by: Ann Turnbull, Susan Wiffen & Dalice Dalton

Alice Betts is our mother. She raised us to be good friends, good citizens and good mothers ourselves.

Michelle Beveridge

Tribute by: Victorian Women in ICT network

Trust Member of the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre. Since 2006 Michelle has worked passionately to increase the participation and progression of women in ICT. Her involvement and efforts are reflected in the outstanding initiatives and results achieved by organisations such as Victoria’s ICT for Women Network.

Barbara Bibby

Tribute by: Chris Scott

Barbara Bibby – daughter of Beryl Scott, sister of Tony, Joselyn and Chris. Mother of 10.

Virginia Rosemary Birch

Tribute by: Speld Victoria Inc.

Virginia Rosemary Birch (1940-2011) Educational psychologist, counselor, teacher, mentor, colleague and friend to many at SPELD Victoria who dedicated her professional life to the welfare of students with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.

Danni Blake

Tribute by: Jason Blake

My mum is a very caring, loving and generous woman who would do anything for her boys and deserves recognition for being a beautiful person and mum.

Mary Bluett

Tribute by: Australian Education Union – Victoria Branch, Brian Henderson, Barbara Jennings, Margaret Burdeu

Mary Bluett was the first woman president of the Victorian Secondary Teachers Association and is the first woman president of the Australian Education Union (Vic Branch). She is also Federal Deputy President AEU.

Jenny Bott

Tribute by: Noah’s Ark West

For Jenny’s lifetime commitment, support and dedication to children with autism and their families and for Jenny’s passion in educating and mentoring staff and the wider community working with these families.

Honora (Mary) Bowen

Tribute by: John L Torpey

Honora Bowen is my great-great-grandmother arrived Melbourne 1841 and married Michael Conroy 1843. First depositor Port Phillip Savings Bank (later State Savings Bank) December 1842. Early Melbourne Pioneer.

Ellen Boyd

Tribute by: Wendy Lewis

Ellen is simply a wonderful person. She is inspirational, caring and kind – a role model and a mentor.

Kathryn Boyling (nee Froelich)

Tribute by: Erin and Sam Boyling

Thank you for the life you breathed into us, the love you always gave so generously, and the warmth of you presence we feel around us everyday.

Irene Mary Brady

Tribute by: Frances Brady, Mary Brady & Louise Rose

Mum left farm life with only basic education to become a World War II army nurse at Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital. She then reared four children, sacrificing much for their education.

Mary Elizabeth Brady

Tribute by: Frances, Tim & Peter Brady and Louise Rose

Mary, a mother to Tim and elder sister to three siblings, perseveres despite bearing an illness, and is dedicated to a better world for the disadvantaged and survival of the natural world.

Frances Anne Brady

Tribute by: Louise & Hannah Rose and Mary & Peter Brady

Frances, a cherished sister and aunt, is also an accomplished architect, performing her work to exacting standards. A steadfast, thoughtful friend and mentor, she is much loved by us all.

Antoinette Braybrook

Tribute by: Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention & Legal Service

Antoinette Braybrook was born in Victoria on Wurrundjeri country. Her grandfather and mother’s line is through the Kuku Yalangi far north Queensland. Antoinette was admitted as a legal practitioner in 2000, and in 2002 became the CEO of the Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention & Legal Service Victoria, an original tenant of the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre. Antoinette also served a term on the QVWC Trust.

Marie Freda Breen

Tribute by: Jane Patrick

Gran made an enormous contribution to women and families in Victoria through her voluntary work and her service as a Senator in the Australian Parliament. She remains an inspiration to me and many others.

Susan Brennan

Tribute by: Tamara Brezzi, Chris Canavan QC, Juliet Forsyth, Catherine Heggen, Adrian Finanzio, QVWC Trust

Susan Brennan was a Trustee of the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Trust between 2002 and 2007. She co-chaired the Trust in 2006 with Kay Setches. Susan chaired the Trust’s Building Committee between 2005 and 2006 during which she managed the development of the Shilling Wall project which has resulted in the opportunity for many great women to be honoured in the garden of the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre. To merely record the roles and dates where Susan has served the Trust is to enormously understate her contribution to the Trust, and indeed, to the lives of many women and men. Susan is a remarkable woman. She has packed many years of community service into her life so far and many could only dream of making such enormous contributions in a lifetime.

Katrina Elizabeth Brereton

Tribute by: Joan Brereton

Great great niece of Dr Emily Bertha Main, an original member of the honorary medical staff of the Queen Victoria Hospital. A committed, dedicated and caring woman working in many areas of women’s and children’s health. A fantastic mother to her girls.

Tamara Nicole Brezzi

Tribute by: James Geoffrey Cope

Member, Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Trust

Maree Therese Brezzi

Tribute by: Tamara Nicole Brezzi & James Geoffrey Cope

Esther Rose Brierley

Tribute by: Mary Allinson

Carolyn Briggs

Tribute by: Building Commission Victoria

Recognition of Carolyn’s work in preserving Indigenous cultural heritage.

Kaye Briggs

Tribute by: Building Commission Victoria

Recognition of Kaye Briggs’ contribution to the maternal health of women in the Indigenous community of the Goulburn Valley.

Candy Broad

Tribute by: Hal Swerissen

Candy Broad has a distinguished record as an advocate for women’s rights and opportunities in politics, the labour movement and reproductive health. She was Head of the Premier’s Office during the Kirner Government and Minister for Housing, Minister for Local Government, Minister for Energy and Resources, Minister for Ports, and Minister Assisting the Minister for State and Regional Development during the Bracks Government. Amongst her many achievements in public life she was a central figure in the decriminalisation of abortion in Victoria and played a key role in creating opportunities for women to increase their participation in State and Federal parliaments. She is a founding member of Emily’s List Australia.

Mabel Brookes

Tribute by: Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Trust

Mabel Brookes’ greatest contribution was as president (1923-70) of the Queen Victoria Hospital. Under her leadership three new wings, one named after her, were added in ten years, and the committee accepted Sir William McPherson’s offer to set up the Jessie McPherson Community Hospital, opened in 1931. Mabel brilliantly represented its needs to governments and benefactors. In 1967 the teaching hospital of Monash University conferred on her an honorary LL.D.

Mavis Brookes (nee Austin)

Tribute by: Susan Louise Brookes, Shirley May Gray, Jillian Brookes, Sharon Parkin

By example, taught us; be kind, defend the weak, be brave, see the irony in all defeats, rely on the Golden rule ultimately, and above all be kind. 1918 – 1989.

Anne M V Brooks

Tribute by: Dr Murray Frazer and daughters Elita and Georgina

Prominent Melbourne eye surgeon, daughter of Nancy Lewis. PhD in Glaucoma and Anterior Segment of the eye. LMusA clarinet performance. Head General Eye Clinic 3 RVEEH. 2 daughters, my wife.

Janet Elizabeth Brooks

Tribute by: Barbara Anderson, Judith Williams, Yvonne Bligh

After leaving school, Janet chose nursing as her profession working at the Royal Children’s Hospital. Maybe this was the beginning of her love for babies and small children. She married and had three children of her own. Encouraged by a friend, Janet decided to foster her first baby and in the next 43 years she fostered more than 50 babies. She worked as a probation officer and nursed her husband and mother at home until their deaths. She successfully battled breast cancer, at all times continuing with her foster care work. After 17 years in remission, the cancer returned. Her last foster child was placed in permanent care in December 2011 and Janet passed away in May 2012. Janet, a lifetime friend remembered for her generosity, courage and wise counsel. Ivanhoe Grammar School friends: Judith Williams, Barbara Anderson, Yvonne Bligh.

Maryann Heather Brown

Tribute by: Catherine Brown

Maryann is my twin sister and has achieved a huge amount in education, including completing her doctorate in 2007. She thinks outside the box and pushes boundaries with her vision. She has worked in Cambodia with Teachers Across Borders.

Catherine Janet Brown

Tribute by: Mark Rochford

Chair of QVWCT at the launch of the Shilling Garden and Wall. Has contributed to the not for profit sector for over 20 years through roles with organisations engaged in community services, health, conservation and philanthropy, including supporting the development of community foundations across Australia.

Janet Patricia Brown (nee Penfold)

Tribute by: Kester Campbell Brown

A fantastic physiotherapist with a focus on paediatrics (children), a caring and constant mother of five with an interest in people at all ages and stages.

Merell Browne

Tribute by: Marshall Browne

Margaret Budd

Tribute by: Helen Lynch

Margaret (my cousin) was born 11 June 1925 in Norseman WA. At the age of 17, when her mother lost a child at 2 days of age, due to a “botched” delivery. Margaret vowed to become the best midwife she possibly could. She did her “Middy” training at Q.V working there from February 1950 to June 1951. She remained single and spent her life in the nursing profession concentrating on infant and child health and working in all states of Australia and PNG.

Frances Burdeu (nee Roberts)

Tribute by: Judy Durr, John Burdeu, Peter Burdeu, Paul Burdeu, Maryanne Craker, Gerard Burdeu

A mother in hard times and a child during very hard times. Very optimistic caring woman; loved by all that knew her.

Margaret Rose Burdeu

Tribute by: Alice Burdeu and Carmelo Pisani

Margaret Burdeu (nee Simpson)

Tribute by: Margaret Burdeu, Judy Durr, Maryanne Craker

She looks after others with extraordinary care and compassion; her family, her friends and the community. Rita shows the power of quiet thoughtful action in a noisy world. Adored mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

Violet N E Burgess

Tribute by: Laurie Bebbington

Born 1888. Eldest of three, supported widowed mother as clerical assistant. Raised orphaned niece, pillar of Ormond Presbyterian Church. Died 1964. A single working woman of determination and principle.

Harriett Burgess (nee Coventon)

Tribute by: Laurie Bebbington

Born England 1859. Migrated in 1880′s with husband George, sailor in Victorian Navy. Widowed with three young children in 1899, worked as washerwoman and seamstress. Died Ormond 1939. My great-grandmother.

Sharan Burrow

Tribute by: Karen Batt, Kay Setches, Australian Education Union – Victorian Branch, Australian Nursing Federation – Victoria Branch, Australian Workers Union Victoria Branch, CEPU – Plumbing Division Victorian Branch, Finance Sector Union of Australia, Victorian Independent Education Unions, Community and Public Sector Union SPSF Group – Victorian Branch, Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union of Australian – Victorian Branch.

In recognition of her contribution to improving the terms and conditions of employment for working families as President of the ACTU.

Elizabeth M Butt

Tribute by: Wendy Lewis

Elizabeth has encouraged me both personally and professionally for over 25 years. She is a highly respected educator and was a principal of an Independent Girls’ School for over 30 years.

Suzanne Buxton (nee Hiscock)

Tribute by: Julie Morris

Sue is a loyal friend and an inspiration to many. Sue has a great zest for life, adventure and fun. She taught me to sail forty-six years ago.

Janet Lorraine Bygate

Tribute by: Jill Fenton Taylor, John Taylor

For our courageous Mother, Grandmother, and Great-grandmother who gave birth and were cared for by their loving sisters at the Queen Victoria Hospital and Jessie McPherson Hospital.

Margaret Byrne (nee Simpson)

Tribute by: Rita Simpson, Rose Shelley


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