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Patricia Mackay (nee Wilson)

Tribute by:  The Retired Anaesthetists Group

Patricia Mackay has been one of Victoria’s outstanding anaesthetists over the past 50 years. She was President of the Australian Society of Anaesthetists in 1967-8, Director of Anaesthesia at the Royal Melbourne Hospital from 1984-91 and then chaired the important Victorian Consultative Council on Anaesthetic Morbidity and Mortality for 14 years. She was awarded Woman Doctor of the Year in 2000.

Catherine Margaret Mackenzie

Tribute by:  Janet Patricia Brown

Nurse trained at the Children’s and Queen Victoria Hospitals and with her sister, Helen, established and trained the nurses at Il Sin Hospital for Women in Pusan, Korea in 1952.

Helen Pearl MacKenzie

Tribute by:  Janet Patricia Brown

Obstetrician – who worked at the Queen Victoria Hospital during World War II. She went with her sister as missionaries to Korea where they established and trained the staff for Il Sin Hospital for Women in Pusan.

Carol Magri

Tribute by:  Michelle Setches

Mum you are inspirational, loving, caring and patient and we are proud to be your daughters. Our respect and love for you will be always and forever. Michelle and Maxine.

Josephine Maher

Tribute by:  Peter Maher

Bertha Main

Tribute by:  Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Trust

Co-founder of the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital. Bertha graduated from Melbourne University in 1895 and soon after joined the honorary medical staff at the hospital. In 1906 she resigned from the honorary medical staff and became a Queen Vic board member.

Wirginia Maixner

Tribute by:  Kester Brown

Wirginia Maixner is a Senior Neurosurgeon at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne with a special interest in epilepsy surgery. In 2009, she successfully undertook the separation of twins conjoined by their heads.

Annmaree Mansfield

Tribute by:  Kay Setches

Annmaree was larger than life, truly crazybrave, loved life and to party, while being compassionate, caring and loyal. A besotted doting mother, a passionate and loving wife and sister. She lit up lives as a foster daughter and sister.

Jackie Mansourian

Tribute by:  Jim, Nayri and Shen Black

At 50 Jackie is an inspiring woman: community development worker, writer, partner, mother and friend. We love her.

Natalie Manton

Tribute by:  Judith Arnott

The women I have met on my journey have helped make me the woman I am.

Melba Marginson

Tribute by:  Victorian Multicultural Commission

Melba Marginson was a Victorian Multicultural Commissioner from 2000- 2005. Melba is a strong advocate for multicultural women, serving as Director with the Victorian Women’s Trust Board, Advisor on Immigration for the National Council of Women Australia (Victoria Chapter), and has served on a number of Ministerial Advisory Committees and Reference Groups on important issues and attributes of women’s lives. Currently the Executive Director of Victorian Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Coalition (VIRWC), Melba has been elected as Deputy Chairperson of the Network of Immigrant and Refugee Women of Australia. Melba continues to be the national spokesperson of the Centre for Philippine Concerns Australia.

Betty May Marginson

Betty May Marginson (born 1923) was educated at Williamstown High School, Teachers’ College and the University of Melbourne. First in her family to attend university, she was vice-president of the Students’ Representative Council. Betty worked as a teacher while raising four children and in the late 1960s was a mainstay of the abortion law reform coalition. She served on the Hawthorn City Council (1972-1981) and became Hawthorn’s first female mayor, and second woman to lead a municipality in Melbourne, in 1976-77. Also a leader in the University of the Third Age movement, and University College, Betty was designated a Member of the Order of Australia in 1993.

Jackie Marion

Tribute by:  Maree Davidson, Genevieve Webb, Catherine Brown, Tiffany Crawford, Building Commission, Jenny Grayling

In 2004, Merryn Apma, Sharon Gibbard, Trisha Atkinson-Sinclair, Jackie Marion and Julie Phillips joined Michael Long and others on a 650 kilometre trek from Melbourne to Parliament House in Canberra to get Indigenous issues back on the national agenda. This walk inspired Australians to express their commitment to reconciliation and a united Australia, and celebrate the positive achievements of Indigenous communities.

Hyllus Maris

Tribute by:  Building Commission Victoria (Sharon Gibbard)

Hyllus contributed to the formation of the National Council of Aboriginal Island Women and the first Aboriginal school namely Worawa.

Jacqui Mason

Tribute by:  Brunswick Women’s Choir (Cathy Nixon)

Jacqui is a phenomenally generous and kind woman who has made a lifetimes contribution to community and social justice. The Brunswick Women’s Choir love and respect her.

Janet Patricia Matton

Tribute by:  Victorian ICT for Women Network, Patti Peirce, Karen Hayes, Marianne Broadbent, Madeleine Sanders, Jenny Barbour, Robin Rowe

Janet’s personal motto is “to act with courage and seek new challenges”. After a 30+ year career with IBM, Janet’s achievements include many successful ‘firsts’ in Australia and she has used her high corporate profile to champion women in business including being the executive sponsor of the mentoring program, ‘A Smarter Planet needs Smart Women’. She is a fabulous role model for women in the Information & Communications Technology industry.

Winsome McCaughey

Tribute by:  City of Melbourne

Councillor 1982-1991, Melbourne City Council

Margaret McClelland

Tribute by:  Janet Patricia Brown

Medical superintendent at Queen Victoria Hospital in 1933. She became the pioneer of Paediatric Anaesthesia in Melbourne and President of the Australian Society of Anaesthetists in 1964.

Erin McCuskey

Tribute by:  Victorian ICT for Women Network

Erin believes that women are the greatest communicators, and with the use of technology we can work to enhance that communication.

Mary Cosser Trotter McDonald

Tribute by:  Mary Allinson

Jennifer McFarlane

Tribute by:  Biserka Siladi

Lifelong friend. Completed her nurse training at Queen Victoria 1974-1978 including post graduate year – group 74B.

Miffy (Meredith) Bhathal McFarlane

Tribute by:  Catherine Brown

In memory of our dear friend – a wonderful friend, a talented musician, a loving mtoher and a sparkling presence wherever she went.

Sylvia Agnes McHugh

Tribute by:  Therese Bell, Margaret McHugh, Elizabeth Veldhoven

Sylvia Agnes McHugh (nee Brosnahan) was born in Melbourne on September 20, 1915. Her mother died when Syliva was an infant and her father was left to bring up his seven children alone. Sylvia married and had six children of her own plus an adopted child. Whilst herself not knowing a mother’s love, she became a wonderfully loving, gentle mother, whose strong, courageous spirit lives on in her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Clare McKenzie (nee Hendy)

Tribute by:  Valerie Korbel, Margaret Jackson, Richard McKenzie

Clare Maud McKenzie (May 1918 to June 2006). A loving and hardworking mother who set a fine example of family life for her children Valerie, Margaret and Richard.

Joan Dorothy McMaster

Tribute by:  Sharon Barker

Nadia McMillan

Tribute by:  Peter, Nick and Michael McMillan

Thank you for always being there, Mum. Happy Mother’s Day. There has never been a minute I wasn’t glad you were my Mum.

- Peter McMillan

You have done an outstanding job of raising the two most handsome lads and we owe our glory to you. Love you lots mum.

- Nick McMillan

Brenda Lily McMinn

Tribute by:  Heather McMinn

Brenda is my mother, and has been an inspiration to me through her years of dedication to improving the lives of people living with an intellectual or physical disability.

Sheila McNabb

Tribute by:  Ken McNabb, Pam Cowell

To honour Sheila for her volunteer work with cradle pictures that gave her and others great joy and fulfilment.

Ivanka (Eva) Meacco

Tribute by:  Meacco family

Ivanka, loving wife, mother, grandmother worked for many years right up to her retirement, as a domestic in this building, then known as The Queen Victoria Medical Centre.

Marie Meggitt

Tribute by:  Dorothy Kowalski

Early in the 1970′s Marie Meggitt was forced to relinquish her first-born son for adoption after being exiled from her home, her family, her peers and her home State. In 1982 Marie very courageously “came out” and was one of the founders of ARMS (The Association of Relinquishing Mothers) . In the ensuing 30 years, Marie has worked tirelessly to change legislation which had denied the mother and the relinquished child the right to obtain information about each other. She has also set up support groups, counselled other mothers and educated the public to understand how inhumane (and in many cases, illegal) past adoption practices were. If an unmarried woman had a child, she was almost uniformly considered to be unfit to parent that child, even if the father of the child and the mother’s parents were supportive. This year the Senate has handed down it’s Findings on past adoption practices and made recommendations, one of which is that there should be a Federal Apology to the mothers and their children. Several States have made formal apologies and a National Apology is at present being drafted. These outcomes are a result of the dedicated work of women such as Marie Meggitt.

Dame Nellie Melba

Tribute by:  Melbourne Girls College

Dame Nellie Melba (1861-1931) was one of the most prolific performers in the late Victorian era. One of Melbourne’s own, she was able to reach great success both here and overseas as an opera singer, particularly in Paris and Brussels. During the First World War, she raised large sums of money for war charities, a true sign of her generous and giving spirit. Her international success was truly an inspiration; that a woman with such humble beginnings could reach such great heights. We at Melbourne Girls’ College would like to nominate Dame Nellie Melba as we find her to be someone to look up to for her great spirit and wonderful success, and an inspiration to us all.

Gilda Menna

Tribute by:  Jesse Di Campli San Vito

She loved and protected us all.

Helen Susan Messer

Tribute by:  Anneliese, Odelia, Emmalaura Messer

Mum, you are selfless, extremely giving and a wonderful mother. Thank-you for always loving, supporting and encouraging us to reach our fullest potential. We all love you very much.

Victoria Ellie Michailidis

Tribute by:  Maria Michailidis

I am nominating my two daughters Victoria & Ellie to show them where their mum and dad were born. Also, that as women they can make a change and help others improve their lives. Also they can achieve anything in life.

Carlotta Michielin (nee Pozzebon)

Tribute by: All the Grandchildren of Carlotta (Pozzebon) Michielin – Vivian Rizzardo Sonnet, Ray Rizzardo, Ellena Lowry Camilleri, Damien John, Christopher John, Martin John, Anthony Michielin, Adam Michielin, Vincent Michielin, Phillip Michielin, Shane Michielin, Jeffrey Michielin, Ray Michielin, Donna Michielin, Karen Haywood and all of our families.

Carlotta (Pozzebon) Michielin [1916-2003] was born the youngest child of Emilio and Rosa Pozzebon on a farm in Volpago, Italy on 11th April 1916 and married her love Raimondo Michielin on Boxing Day 1938. She was a strong and loving woman who endured many hardships. She lost her father at the age of two and her mother at seventeen, as well as her first born while her husband was away at war fighting for their freedom. When the war was over they migrated to Queensland Australia with their three children to start a new life. Their fourth child was born there but, as there was not enough work in Queensland, they moved down to Melbourne when their fifth child was born. The family of seven moved into a bungalow in Pascoe Vale, which was open paddocks with no made roads or sewage in those days, while her husband who was a carpenter slowly built their home. Carlotta did not know much English but that didn’t stop her from making many friends. She loved to get out in her garden where she would spend time talking to all the neighbours and nurturing her plants just as she would nurture her children. Her loving husband passed away at a young age of fifty two, leaving her to raise and support their children on her own. As they grew and married she would help as as she was needed. When a new baby was born, she would move in to look after the cooking and cleaning so that mother and child could bond without stress. She loved children and looked after all fifteen grandchildren at one time or another. She would even look after friend’s children to help out. She believed with a little nurturing and love all would be fine. She was known to all as ‘Nonna’, and everyone knew that her door was always open for a friendly chat. We grandchildren always knew there was a kiss, a hug and Marie biscuits and a cup of tea waiting for us.

Cindy Millen

Tribute by:  Judith Arnott

The women I meet on my journey make me the woman I am.

Elaine Milnes

Tribute by:  Fiona Charlton

Association for 40 years. Secretary, Treasure of Booth Reserve committee.

Kusum Misra

Tribute by:  Mukta Sharma

Kusum Misra was my mother. She was a loving, devoted mother who taught her children the value of honesty and hard work. She encouraged us to do our best – always.

Vicki Mitsos

Tribute by:  Victorian Multicultural Commission

Vicki Mitsos was a VMC Commissioner from 1997- 2008. She is a manager at Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE and has considerable experience in the provision of language services having worked as an interpreter, a teacher, an ethnic counsellor and as a bilingual consultant. She has represented the Shepparton region through her work on the Ethnic Council of Shepparton and District over an extensive period, including as President. Ms Mitsos played an active role on numerous boards within the community including NAATI. During the Centenary of Federation she was awarded an honour roll for “Women shaping the Nation” and in 1997 was awarded Woman of the Year in Business Professionals.

Sheila Norma Mogford

Tribute by:  Val Campbell & John Mogford

Sheila who was our Mum. She lived 1917-2007 and died at 89. She had 5 children and numerous grand-children and great-grand-children, a great lady, a great Australian.

Ossen Bebe Mohamed Mahroof

Tribute by:  Noor Mohamed Mahroof

To my loving mother whose hard work, courage, determination and sacrifice paved the way for my wonderful life with the 4 jewels of my life, Mazeena, Nabila, Nadia and Natasha.

Mirka Mora

Tribute by:  William Mora

Mirka Mora is one of Melbourne’s best known and loved artists. She has exhibited her work extensively and a retrospective was held at Heide Museum of Modern Art in 1999-2000.

Maxine Morand

Tribute by:  Kay Setches, Joan Kirner, Susan Brennan, Pamela Macklin, Maree Overall, Hutch Hatice Hussein, Libby Fordham, Maree McEvoy, Alex White, Philomena Horsley, Susie Allanson, Leonie Morgan, Robyn Gregory, Kate Jackson, Margaret Ray, Petra Begnell, United Voice Victoria, Mary Bluett, Tony Keenan, Pam Jones, Joanne Bailey, Karen Martin, Jacinta Allan, Kate Nash, Sharon Knight, Jo Wainer, Jill Hennessy, Maree Edwards, Meredith Peace, Gayle Tierney, Joanne Duncan, Wade Noonan, YWCA Victoria, Mary Delahunty, Brigitte Smith, Marilyn Beaumont, Linelle Gibson, John Merritt, Megan Phelan, Mavis Robertson, Rachelle Buchbinder, Robin Coleman, Liliana D’Ambrosio, Carolyn Davis, Jenny Mikakos, Giselle Darling, Domestic Violence Victoria (DV Vic), URCOT

Maxine, as Victorian Minister for Women’s Affairs, in 2008 oversaw the successful passing of Labor Government legislation that removed abortion from the Victorian Crimes Act. Formerly, a woman who had an abortion was liable for up to 10 years imprisonment and the medical practitioner could be given five years. Maxine is a powerful advocated for children’s rights, a feminist, political activist, civil rights and social reformer.

Helen Morris

Tribute by:  Catherine Brown, Neilma Gantner

Helen Morris has been a leader in the fields of rural philanthropy and community development for many years. She was an innovative Executive Officer of the Sidney Myer Fund and was instrumental in the establishment of the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal - a national foundation that supports rural Australian communities. Helen has been an advocate for people who are disadvantaged and/or living with mental illness. She has been a Member of the Mental Health Review Board since 1993 and served on the Social Security Appeals Tribunal from 1987 - 1995. She was a Board Member of the Royal Children’s Hospital from 1985 - 1992. Helen has held many other Board roles including with the Foundation for Australian Agricultural Women, the Butterfly Foundation, the Australian Indigenous Cultural Network and the first National Sorry Day Committee Helen is actively involved in many projects relating to education, the environment and community wellbeing. For example, she was a volunteer builder for Habitat for Humanity from 1999 -2002. She is a great communicator and encourages people to find new solutions to entrenched problems.

Leonie T Morris

Tribute by:  Paul Morris

A mother of 5 children who worked 2 jobs throughout much of her life to make sure that those that she loved so much had the best education possible to give them their best chance at succeeding in life and also so that they never went without.

Elizabeth Morris-Denby

Tribute by:  Karen Morris-Denby

She was my adoptive mother. A very kind and considerate soul thinking and doing for others before herself.

Annie Morrow (nee Worral)

Tribute by:  Gwen Tregoning & family, Lynne Rayner & family, Margaret Tregoning

Daughter, sister, wife, mother, widow, aunt, grandmother, matriarch, friend, survivor, role model, loving, inspirational, resolute, determined, loyal, supportive, her own person, a woman. 1899-1976. Our grandmother.

Alice Clifford Morton

Tribute by:  William Morton Pinder & Marion Lorraine deLaine

Respected aunt of William Pinder and Lorraine deLaine. Trained at QVH in mid 1920′s. Inaugural matron of Bacchus Marsh War Memorial Hospital. A life devoted to nursing. 1903-1980.

Elizabeth Frances Morton

Tribute by:  Marion de Laine, Stephen de Laine, Ian de Laine, Judith Meehan & Geoff de Laine

Loved mother and grandmother. Respected nursing sister Queen Victoria trained.

Mary Morton

Tribute by:  Jeanne O’Neill

Mary was elected Life Governor of Queen Victoria Hospital on 27/11/1923. Her two daughters Alice Clifford Morton and Frances Elizabeth Morton both trained at Queen Victoria Hospital.

Samar Mougharbel

Tribute by:  Victorian Multicultural Commission

Samar Mougharbel was appointed as a Victorian Multicultural Commission Commissioner in 2005. She is committed to promoting multiculturalism in the community particularly supporting and empowering migrant and refugee women through her roles in a variety of community organisations. Samar has also been involved in a number of Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission discussions regarding discrimination against Muslim women. She is currently the Springvale Neighbourhood House Coordinator.

Catherine Anne Muller

Tribute by:  Jean Ker Walsh

This tribute is in gratitude for a friend and friendship strengthened by all we’ve shared in the name of Book Group, a gathering (since 1990) of women remarkable for their energy, intellect, opinions, and achievement. Always caring and supporting one another.

Leila Mullett

Tribute by:  Anonymous

A tireless campaigner for equality, nuclear disarmament, peace and social justice. A role model for many women in the Communist Party and the peace movement. Brave, independent, inspiring. Always working for a fairer future for all. Always optimistic about change for the better.

Elisabeth Murdoch

Tribute by:  Eve Kantor

At 100, my grandmother still has a sharp mind and a huge heart, is fascinated by people and the world and has shared her good fortune all around. An inspiration to so many.

Joy Wandin Murphy

Tribute by:  Maree Davidson


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