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Listed by surname:

Jennifer Kanis

Tribute by: City of Melbourne

Councillor 2008-present, Melbourne City Council

Anne Kantor

Tribute by:  Eve Kantor

My mother raised six children, did many years of voluntary work at the same time, then trained and worked as a psychotherapist. She inspires me with her determination, passion and love.

Colleen Kelson

Tribute by:  Judith Arnott

The women I meet on my journey make me the woman I am.

Kathleen Kent (nee Warren)

Tribute by:  Rhonda McCarthy, Sally Kent-Ferguson, Coral-Lee Robertson

Our protector, our guide, our teacher, providing encouragement, support and love over the years – from infancy to adulthood and now extended to her grandchildren. Thank-you mum (Kath) we love you!

Sheila Mary Holmes Ker

Tribute by:  Jean Ker Walsh

My loving and much loved mother. A model of strength and achievement through times of real struggle. (1919-2001)

Jean Ker Walsh

Tribute by:  Carol Stuart, Margaret Simons, Jane Sullivan, Harriet Ziegler, Cathie Muller, Gabrielle Perversi, Kerry O’Shea

Our book group, which has been meeting and talking for nearly 20 years has been blessed by Jean Ker Walsh and her warmth, courage, wisdom and generosity.

Gerardine Rosemary Kerlin

Tribute by:  Jo-Anne Cooper

Gerardine (Gerry) Kerlin was an outstanding contributor to the Victorian arts sector; working in her thirty five year career for three Arts Ministers, and in senior marketing and communication roles at the Melbourne Museum, the Victorian Arts Centre, Arts Victoria, the Victorian College of the Arts and the National Sports Museum. In one capacity or another she was responsible for many of Melbourne’s most memorable cultural events. A passionate advocate of the arts across a broad spectrum she also chaired various smaller arts organisations including Melbourne Fringe and the Greenmill Dance Project, and contributed her considerable expertise to a number of regional arts initiatives. Described by her many female colleagues as the ‘perfect boss’ Gerry took a keen interest in the careers of younger employees many of whom continued to seek her wise counsel up until her untimely death aged 60 years in December 2010. Above all she is remembered for her commitment to social justice and equity, her loyalty, her deep friendships, great sense of humour and wisdom.

Kathleen Irene Kerr

Tribute by:  Elaine Peterson

Noella Kershaw

Tribute by:  Wendy Lewis

Noella has great enthusiasm and passion and is always challenging herself and others. She embraces life and makes me laugh.

Beryl Joycelyn Killmier

Tribute by:  Helen Killmier

Beryl, our mum, grandmother and aunt is warm and generous, freely giving her time to those around her. Losing her mother at an early age, she cared for her father and siblings, a role she continued even when her much loved stepmother joined the family. Growing up, our house was always filled with people, as mum opened her home and heart to relatives, friends and foster children. She has a deep love for books, music and tall ships, and for over 20 years has volunteered as crew and supporter of the Alma Doepel sail training vessel. An active member of the church community, mum has touched the lives of many with her gifted singing, Sunday School teaching and outreach to the local primary school. A breast cancer survivor, mum has inspired her family through her faith, love and courage.

Betty King

Tribute by:  Whelan, Shaw and Mollison families, Ruth Higginbotham

Betty King’s life is an inspiring example of selfless and compassionate involvement in humanitarian organisations, both in India and her own community where she has served with courage and humility.

Madelin King

Tribute by:  Roxanne Boubis, James, Diana, Monique and Jasmina King

Janine Kirk

Tribute by:  Josie Rizza

Joan Kirner

Tribute by:  Kay Setches, Maxine Morand, Mary Delahunty, Jennifer Beacham, Candy Broad, Kaye Darvenzia, Barbara Jennings, Elaine Marriner, Claire Moore, Donato Nardella, Monica Persson, Carmelo Pisani, Molly Robson, Brian Tee, Jenny Macklin, Cheryl Davenport, Jacinta Allan, Shelley Archer, Joanne Duncan, Linelle Gibson, Judith Graley, Vivien Gunn, Hutch Hatice Hussein, Jean Ker Walsh, Craig Langdon, Kirstie Marshall, Jenny Mikakos, Janice Munt, Lisa Neville, Wade Noonan, Karen Overington, Jaala Pulford, Johan Scheffer, Heidelberg West Combined Churches Ass. Inc., Lynne Kosky, Women of West Heidelberg

To acknowledge Joan Kirner for her contribution to the local community; she was Victoria’s first female Premier and has been a strong advocate on behalf of women’s issues and rights.

- Women of West Heidelberg

Victoria’s First Women Premier: for her outstanding unrivalled contribution to the Australian community as a progressive political activist, leader, mentor, feminist, educationalist, and a conservationist. Cofounder of Landcare and EMILY’s List Australia. Loving daughter, wife, mother and grandmother.

Kate Kirner

Tribute by:  Kate Kirner

Outstanding leader in child care.

Kimberley Kitching

Tribute by:  City of Melbourne

Councillor 2001-2004, Melbourne City Council

Daria Knight

Tribute by:  Monica Zahra

Mollie Parker gave birth to Daria Parker Knight at QV Hospital on February 26, 1950.

Robin Kornfeld (nee Paleg)

Tribute by:  Jordana Kornfeld

This woman is my mother and I love her.

Jordana Barbara Kornfeld

Tribute by:  Robin Kornfeld

This woman is my daughter and there is no better. She makes me feel like sunshine through a stained glass window.

Lynne Kosky

Tribute by:  Gaye Hamilton, Jill Hennessy MP, Wade Noonan

Exceptional Minister for over ten years in Bracks and Brumby governments serving Victorians in key portfolios of Education, Training, Finance, Transport and The Arts. Outstanding local member for Altona, and life-long advocate for the western suburbs. First woman director of an AFL football club. Intelligent, engaging, witty and compassionate – a leader in every sense. Fantastic mother, valued friend and colleague to many. Always positive, always making a difference. And A friend and a colleague who helped me me find my feet in the Victorian Parliament.

Catherine Mary Kyne

Tribute by:  Action Research Issues Association Inc.

Cate Kyne inspired thousands of us during her 73 active years working for human rights, social justice, participatory action research, women, indigenous Australians and all of life on planet Earth.


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