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Listed by surname:

Gwen Tait

Tribute by: Holding Redlich Lawyers

Contribution as a valued member of Holding Redlich for over 25 years.

Ha My Ngoc Tang

Tribute by: Nicole Tang

Jean Taylor

Marie T Tehan

Tribute by: The Liberal Women’s Council, the Marie Tehan Family, David Tehan

Marie Tehan was educated at Sacre Coeur and then completed an Honors Law degree at Melbourne University. In 1963 she married Jim Tehan, a farmer from Mansfield where she raised six children while establishing her own law firm. She entered parliament in 1987 as the Liberal member for the Upper House seat of Central Highlands. In her distinguished political career, she was Minister for Health, where she pioneered Case Mix Funding, and Minister for Environment and Resources, where she established Parks Victoria. Retiring in 1999, she became a devoted Grandmother. Sadly she died in 2004 at the age of 64.

Amelia Teng

Tribute by: Cheryl Teng

A wonderful young woman who has enabled me to grow as a mother alongside her.

Lila Teng

Tribute by: Cheryl Teng

A wonderful grand daughter who will carry on the concept of QVWC.

Beryl Beatrice Thomas

Tribute by: 15 Alfred Hospital social workers

Beryl Thomas was senior social worker Alfred Hospital Melbourne, mentor and encourager for generations of young social workers and students in the 1950′s, 1960′s and 1970′s. A brillant example to all.

Trang Thomas

Tribute by: Vivienne Nguyen

Lee Thomas

Tribute by: Judith Arnott

The women I have met on my journey have helped make me the woman I am.

Aline Thompson (nee Seaborn)

Tribute by: Thompson Family

Aline, mother of 8, has devoted over 50 years to voluntary work, helping young people develop life skills to enable them to take a more worthwhile role in society.

Joan Thompson (nee Martin)

Tribute by: Jan Pianella

Beth Thomson

Tribute by: Di Surgey

Beth Thomson (1951 – 2008) was a woman of strength, musicianship, skill and abundant warmth who exercised leadership in a way that advantaged people who experienced homelessness and those who worked with them.

Ann Thorne (nee Luckwell)

Tribute by: Ruth Knight

Ann Thorne wife of serjeant Samuel Thorne gave birth to a son William James Hobart Thorne on 25.11.1803 at the Captain David Collins settlement Sorrento, Victoria.

Maria Timte

Tribute by: Anne Champness

Pauline Toner

Tribute by: Genevieve Webb, Colin Brooks, Maureen and Geoffrey Hoare, Maureen and Brian Fitt, Katherine Kingsbury, Kay Setches, Geraldine Webb, Hon John Cain, Sherryl Garbutt, David White, Hon Robert Fordham, Caroline Hogg, Meghan Hoare, Barbara Worcester, Madeline Toner, Antony Calabro, Sandra Kozelj, Susan Méra, Denis Toner, Brett/Pianezze Family (Denise, Anna, Luisa, Maria, Olivia), Denis Toner, Liz Conor, Maxine Morand, Jane Toner, Jenny Macklin, Maree Overall

The first female cabinet minister in the Parliament of Victoria. First elected in 1977, Pauline served as Minister for Community Welfare Services from 1982 to 1985. She introduced significant reforms to benefit women, children, adoptees, prisoners and offenders. She is remembered by her family as a woman who inspired us and made us laugh.

Jean Tops

Tribute by: Dr Beatrice Faust AO

President Gippsland Carers Association 2007, Jean Tops is a heroic mother who converted personal tragedy to public service.

Jane Treadwell

Tribute by: Victorian ICT for Women Network

Joan Tregoning (nee Morrow)

Tribute by: Margaret Tregoning, Gwen Tregoning & family, Lynn Rayner & family

Daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, grandmother, matriarch, friend, survivor, role model, loving, inspirational, resolute, determined, loyal, encouraging, supportive. Her own person, a woman. 1922-1988. Our mother.

Lena Franca Tripp (nee Gallo)

Tribute by: David Tripp

Lena is a beautiful woman whom always puts her family above all else. She has a beautiful way about her. Her daughter Isabella was born in 2002 after 11 IVF attempts. Her husband David loves her deeply.

Julia Ann Tripp (nee Riley)

Tribute by: David Tripp

Mum you are a tower of strength, reason, comfort and unconditional love and I adore you, all my love always David.

Joan Eileen Tucker (nee Eager)

Tribute by: Annette Chidzey

Joan Eileen Tucker (nee Eager) was my sister-in-law. She embraced life, was an outstanding photographer, research scientist and librarian as well as a devoted wife, mother and grandmother. A woman of lasting significance.

Jenna Tuke

Tribute by: Monica Celia Haring

Elizabeth K Turner

Tribute by: RCH Medical Alumni

Graduated in 1940, became Medical Superintendent at the Children’s Hospital (1943-46), then held paediatric appointments at the Children’s and Queen Victoria Hospitals. In addition she was the first neonatal surgeon at the latter. In 1983 she was conferred Hon LL.D. for her many contributions to the welfare of Victorian children.

Esme Tyson

Tribute by: Judith Arnott

The women I have met on my journey have helped make me the woman I am.


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