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Listed by surname:

Mary Brigid Galbally

Tribute by: Elizabeth O’Keeffe, Margaret Cosgriff

Mavis Galvin

Tribute by: Tonia Galvin

Mother – nursed for 42 years.

Elfreda Hilda Gamble

Tribute by: Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Trust

Co-founder of the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital remaining as an honorary medical staff member until 1900. She graduated with a bachelor of surgery in 1896 as one of the top six Medical Honours students. She and Page Stone fought for and won the right to complete their residences at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, becoming the first two women resident medical officers in a general public hospital.

Adelaide Gault

Tribute by: Dr John Gault & Mrs Louise Joy

Pr. Adelaide Gault. Opathalmologist. Presiden-Honorary Medical Staff Group QVH 1956. Founder – Azamgarh Hospital for Women, North India 1926. Favourite aunt, with horses, in Warrandyte.

Kim Gaunt

Tribute by: Luke, Jess, Mikayla & Mia.

A beautiful mother and wife.

Kathleen George

Tribute by:  Fiona Sharkie, Sophie Sharkie, Tessa White

Adored mother, grand mother and great grandmother.

Sharon Gibbard

Tribute by:  Maree Davidson, Tiffany Crawford, Genevieve Webb, Catherine Brown, Building Commission, Jenny Grayling

In 2004, Merryn Apma, Sharon Gibbard, Trisha Atkinson-Sinclair, Jackie Marion and Julie Phillips joined Michael Long and others on a 650 kilometre trek from Melbourne to Parliament House in Canberra to get Indigenous issues back on the national agenda. This walk inspired Australians to express their commitment to reconciliation and a united Australia, and celebrate the positive achievements of Indigenous communities.

Hetty Gilbert

Tribute by:  Barbara Jennings, Australian Education Union – Victoria Branch

Hetty Gilbert was the first woman president of the Victorian Teachers Union in 1941-1942 and worked hard for equal pay for women teachers and an end to the ban on married teachers employment.

Julia Gillard

Tribute by:  Kay Setches (Co-ordinator), Katerina Angelopoulos, Laurie Bebbington, Helen Creed, Cheryl Davenport, Sharryn Jackson, Barbara Jennings, Kate Long, Sue Loukomitis, Leonie Morgan, Kate Nash, Susan Pelka, Monica Persson, Michelle Quigley, Molly Robson, Chris Scott, Jean Ker Walsh.

Australia’s first female Deputy Prime Minister. MHR for Lalor, union lawyer, feminist and mentor. Foundation member of EMILY’s List Australia. Inspirational leader working with women. Advocate of Affirmative Action for women.

Vera Gillard (nee Beasley)

Tribute by:  Alistair, Trish, Alexander, Julian, Xavier & Samuel Gillard

Vera Gillard born in 1920 to Ellen and Jim Beasley as the oldest of 8 children. At the age of 14 she went into service on a remote sheep station in order to save the family home. She has been a continuing source of inspiration.

Christina Gillies

Tribute by:  Victorian ICT for Women Network

Chris Gillies has worked over many years to improve the entry, progression, and advancement of women in Information Communication Technology. Her contribution has been significant and the work she has undertaken has had a positive impact on many women’s ICT career.

Patricia Goble

Tribute by:  The League of Women Voters Victoria, National Council of Women of Australia, Ann Jackson, Peg Randell, Susan Kennedy, Susan Lucas, Margaret McKellar, Margaret Dunbar, Peg Johnston, Liberal Women’s Council Members, Central Gippsland National Council of Women, National Council of Women of Victoria Inc, Billie Lindsay, Canterbury Evening Discussion Group, Judy Snodgrass, Andrea Coote, Elva Tout, Priscilla Todd, International Alliance of Women, Rysia Rozen, Joan Heard AM, UNICEF Victoria Committee

Patricia Goble trained as a nurse, also working as a librarian, a Guide leader and with families of prisoners. She was a staunch campaigner for human rights, in Australia and internationally, through the International Alliance of Women. Baroness Barbara Self said she was as a great feminist, “always positive and supportive, never afraid to speak out for what she believed”.

Gwen Goedecke

Tribute by:  Janet Patricia Matton

Gwen has been an activist and a feminist all of her life campaigning for women’s advancement, equal pay, better child care and greater representation for women at all levels of government, particularly local government, for more than 50 years. Her achievements include: membership of the UAW since 1955; founding member of the Sunshine International Women’s Committee-1974; member of the Footscray Local Governance Association; founding member of the Footscray Centre for Working Women-1974; the second female councillor on the Sunshine City Council serving from 1984 to 1987; recipient of the Centenary Medal for services to the community-2001; the 2006 Dame Phyllis Frost Woman of the Year; honoured in the 2009 Victorian Honour Roll of Women. Gwen’s courage, compassion, strength and determination positions her as an inspiring role model. She deserves the recognition for her significant contribution to the status of women.

Victoria Goodes (nee Hancock)

Tribute by:  Benjamin Goodes

Marjorie Goodwin

Tribute by:  Kerri Erler

Irene Goonan

Tribute by:  City of Melbourne

Councillor 2001-2004, Melbourne City Council

Anna Gorr

Tribute by:  Leon Gorr

Judith Mary Gorr

Tribute by:  Leon Gorr

Janet Elizabeth Graham

Tribute by:  Richard Graham

Janet Elizabeth Graham is my shining light when things are gloomy. My guiding light when I feel lost. She is my motivator and driving force. She is my inspiration and the example I follow. She is my closest adviser and the shoulder I lean on. She has influenced me to be the parent I am today. She is understanding, supportive, helpful and supremely patient. She is an adoring Grandmother, a caring Wife and above all my loving Mother.

Jessica Greehalgh

Tribute by:  Douglas Jongsma

One of three of our next generation of females for our family.

Mavis Greenwood

Tribute by:  Megan Rayner

Former matron of Queen Victoria Hospital. Long time family friend and I worked at the hospital during her 35 years as matron.

Jean Sylvia Lee Greenwood

Tribute by:  Kerry, Janet, Amanda, John & Christine

The best mother in the universe – clever, patient, unsleeping and funny.

Jane Stocks Greig

Tribute by:  Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Trust

Co-founder of the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital. Graduating in 1896, Jane became the representative of the Victorian Medical Women’s Society on the Council of British Medical Association. In 1910 she was the first woman to gain a diploma in public health, and was appointed one of the first three Government Medical Inspectors in Victorian schools. In 1925 she was appointed a member of the Royal Commission of Health, and in 1929 became the Chief Medical Officer of the Victorian Education Department.

Janet Lindsay Greig

Tribute by:  Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Trust

Co-founder of the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital. In 1985 she helped to found the Medical Women’s Society and the Women Medical Student’s Society. In 1899-1939 she was honorary physician to the Presbyterian and Scot’s Church Children’s Aid Society and from 1915-1918 honorary physician to the Children’s Hospital. In 1900 she was the first woman to be accredited as an anaesthetist. In 1915 she became the Medical Examiner for Tuberculosis for the Victorian Health Department. She was admitted as a member of the Royal Australian College of Physicians in 1940, remaining on Queen Vic honorary medical staff until 1947.

Jo Grigg

Tribute by:  John, Mel and Lisa

Jo has committed her life to her family, and to leadership in volunteer organisations in health, welfare, education and environment, both in Australia and overseas. She is loved dearly by her husband, daughters and grandchildren. John, Meg and Lisa Grigg.

Robyn Joan Grigorovitch

Tribute by:  Uncle Ken, Robbie, Luba, Johnny, Geoff and Shy

Our Mum; but more importantly our rock, our support, the one who is always there – no matter what, our alternate opinion, our confidence, the one we always trust; our friend!

Ruth Groen

Tribute by:  Annette Carey, Marija Groen

My dear friend since University. An exceptionally positive influence and support to many women. A survivor through adversity, a shining, sparkling light.

- Annette Carey

A marvellous sister. A wonderful mother. A loyal friend. A sharp wit. A wicked humour and the most generous nature. A committed woman to fairness, honesty and a better world.

- Marija Groen

Angela Grutzner

Tribute by:  Her daughter, Anna Grutzner, her daughers-in-law, Jane Grutzner and Yasmine Layher and her niece, Jane Fenton, AM.

Angela Grutzner is a role model for all the women in her family. She has been there consistently and constantly as a source of support and wisdom for her daughter, daughters in law, nieces and granddaughters. She is immensely interested and engaged in their lives and has crossed any generational divide with her openness, willingness to listen and her non-judgemental approach. We are all very proud of Angela who, after many years as a full time mother, returned to work to oversee the Anglican Church’s publications. She became heavily involved in the movement for the ordination of women. Angela has enjoyed life at Janet Clarke Hall, Melbourne University where she initially studied music, and gave back by becoming a member of its Council. She is one of life’s unsung heroines and we are very pleased to be able to recognise her contribution.

Margaret Guilfoyle

Tribute by:  Maree Davidson, Michael Gorton, Leeanda Wilton, Helen Szoke

Dame Margaret Guilfoyle was the first woman to be appointed to federal Cabinet with portfolio, when, in 1975 she became Education Minister. Leaving politics in 1987, Dame Margaret has held a prominent role in many organisations, including the first female and last president of the Royal Melbourne Hospital Board. She has made significant contributions to health, social justice and education.

Vivien Margaret Gunn

Tribute by:  Peter, Sandra, Christopher

A great partner and mother to two terrific children. Has worked extensively with and for the community. Introduced the out of school hours child care program to schools in Victoria.


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