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Listed by surname:

Julia Cahir

Tribute by: Annette Carey

Jessie Mary Caird

Tribute by: Ada J. Rudd

Jessie, my sister, was a pharmacist of 47 years. She was a caring, trustworthy, diligent person, honoured and loved by her family and customers alike.

Eileen Lanna Callanan

Tribute by: Mrs Marg Young, Miss Kath Doran, Ms Shirley Howard, Miss Elizabeth King

Eileen Lanna Callanan. The first National Secretart of the National Catholic Girls’ Movement was an inspirational leader and encouraged many to reach their full potential.

Betty S. Cameron

Tribute by: OT Australia Victoria (Paul Nicholls)

First occupational therapist to become president of the professional association.

Kate Campbell

Tribute by: Merrilyn Murnane

Dame Kate Campbell was my mentor in neonatal paediatrics, and inspired me to practice paediatrics by her example and devotion to babies. I was a paediatric registrar at the Queen Victoria Hospital in 1965 when I met her, and she asked me to continue her practice when she retired.

Dorothy Campbell

Tribute by: Sharon Osman, Viki Briggs, Janelle Hickey

Helene Canavan

Tribute by: Christopher Canavan

My wife and partner.

Frances Carey (nee Cahir)

Tribute by: Annette Carey

For the lifetime of care, support and generosity she has shown to her extended family and friends.

Bess Carr

Tribute by: Susan Brennan, Lynda Poke, Juli Dugdale

Bess Carr is a national treasure in the YWCA: her life membership recognises a lifetime of enthusiastic, committed and generous service to the YWCA within Australia and around the world.

Kate Carr

Tribute by: Mandy De Lacy

She is a great listener and support to me (her daughter) and my family.

Fiona Cartmel

Tribute by: Mardi Trompf

Helped me change my life. I’m a better person for knowing and loving Fiona.

Clare Cascarret

Tribute by: City of Melbourne

Councillor 1967-1976, Melbourne City Council.

Marie Elizabeth Amy Castilla

Tribute by: Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Trust

Co-founder of the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital. Amy graduated from Melbourne University in 1893. In 1984 she was appointed resident Medical Officer at the Mercy hospital in 1894 and in 1895 she was appointed Assistant Medical Officer at the Royal Women’s Hospital.

Judith Cazaly

Tribute by: Laurie Bebbington

Born 28 October 1951. Melbourne University graduate. Teacher. Fought for teachers’ rights as union organiser for TTUV, then vice-president of Australian Education Union (Victoria). Established olive grove at Flinders Island.

Anne Chambers (nee Hedger)

Tribute by: Bonnie & Chris Jephcott, Sally Jennings, Tracey Wright

Mother, mentor, muse and friend – Anne has raised us as children of her blood and of her soil – we love and cherish her strength and spirit – an inspiration to women everywhere.

Barbara Champion

Tribute by: City of Melbourne

Celebrated and much loved Yorta Yorta soprano, composer and author Deborah Cheetham has established her place as an artist in great demand since her international debut in 1997. Awarded a prestigious two-year Fellowship from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Board of the Australia Council for the Arts in 2007, Ms Cheetham has created Australias first indigenous opera, Pecan Summer. She works tirelessly and generously to nurture and support young talent.

Deborah Cheetham

Tribute by: Kay Setches, Maree Davidson

Celebrated and much loved Yorta Yorta soprano, composer and author Deborah Cheetham has established her place as an artist in great demand since her international debut in 1997. Awarded a prestigious two-year Fellowship from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Board of the Australia Council for the Arts in 2007, Ms Cheetham has created Australias first indigenous opera, Pecan Summer. She works tirelessly and generously to nurture and support young talent.

Deborah Chemke

Tribute by: Jean Ker Walsh

This tribute is in gratitude for a friend and friendship strengthened by all we’ve shared in the name of Book Group, a gathering (since 1990) of women remarkable for their energy, intellect, opinions, and achievement. Always caring and supporting one another.

Nella Chiodo (nee Pagone)

Tribute by: Ginetta Chiodo

Nella is my beautiful mother. She has style, charisma, patience, strength, determination and so much love to give. I admire her in so many ways and would like to honour her.

Caroline Chisholm

Tribute by: Melbourne Girls College

The Immigrants’ friend’ is a good description of this Australian woman (1808-1877). Well aware of the harsh conditions that female immigrants faced upon their arrival, Caroline Chisholm set up a home for them in Sydney in 1841 and helped many find work in rural areas. The importance of family life made her approach the British and New South Wales governments for financial help to provide free passages to the wives and families of convicts already in Australia. Her fight for social justice later expanded to that of the Victorian Gold fields where she pleaded for proper housing for miners and their families. Caroline Chisholm valued the rights of every individual and fought for this throughout her life. It is these strong values and morals that lead us to believe that she should have a place on the Shilling Wall. She is an inspiration as she fought hard for the social justice of every human being; this resulted in a better life for everyone. She gave people the rights to live, which is something extraordinary. This one persistent woman fought on to ensure that everyone could be treated equally, and for this she will be remembered as ‘The Immigrant’s Friend’, a famous Australian woman.

Soraya Christensen

Tribute by: Robyn Berrie Lutze

Soraya – Loving, beautiful, compassionate, wise, bloody funny, great legs – you are an amazing woman who continues to make the world a better place just by being in it.

Coleen Clare

Tribute by: Staff of the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare

To acknowledge Coleen Clare for her outstanding contribution to the welfare of vulnerable children, young people and families in Australia and unwavering advocacy on their behalf.

Sabina Clark

My beautiful wife who showed amazing courage and strength to marry and move to Australia for love. A great mother of our gorgeous 3 children raising them with love and grace, thank you!

Margaret Linnell Cleghorn

Tribute by: John Cleghorn

My mother, Dr Margaret Cleghorn was appointed Junior Medical Officer a the Queen Victoria Hospital in 1939. Throughout her life she has been committed to the highest standards in medical practice, family life and community well-being.

Jane Clifton

Tribute by: Joan Kirner

Talented, generous, committed feminist, writer, musician, actor, mother, daughter, community activist and Essendon Football Club Women’s Network supporter. Thank you Jane.

Molly Cogley

Tribute by: Kathleen Townsend

For our Mother and grand mother who left us a legacy that as women we can achieve anything we set out to do.

Elizabeth Davidson Colclough

Tribute by: Davidson Family

A wonderfully loving and supportive mother and grandmother who has also made a significant contribution to her community, church and sporting clubs.

Dr Jo Coldwell-Neilson

Tribute by: Victorian Women in ICT Network

Jo Coldwell-Neilson has been an integral part of the Go Girl Go for IT Schools Expo in 2008, 2010 and 2012. In particular, Jo has been the key lead in obtaining the involvement of Deakin University and it’s significant level of support for successive events, co-ordination of logistics and co-author of the post event reports and collation of student feedback. From a broader aspect, Jo has been an active organiser in any conference for women in ICT and takes responsibility for organising informal dinners which bring together women in ICT from business and academic circles.

Mary T. Collins

Tribute by: The 5 Daughters

Our mum – the most incredible woman we know. She lives life with grace, kindness, selflessness, wisdom, love and humour and inspires us everyday to do the same.

Vanessa Jade Collins

Tribute by: Ralda Bourne

Participation in and support for women in debating. 1988 Captain of Australian Schools Debating Team.

Marjorie Emily Jane Colwill

Tribute by: Janice, Jill, Jennifer, David and families

Marjorie Emily Jane Colwill (born 1918): homemaker, artist, mother, great and grandmother. Her unique mix of style, humour, insight and loving devotion provide continuing inspiration to all her family.

Jeanette Connellan (nee Lachal)

Tribute by: Mary Brabenec, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Kate Maclurcan

Our mother – The most remarkable, generous, inspirational and loving mother and friend.

Eliza Conroy (nee Callaghan)

Tribute by: J L Torpey

Eliza (nee Callaghan) Conroy, 1866-1917, married John Conroy, 1881. 3 of her boys served WWI, including one at Gallipoli. She, a widow, died before their safe return.

Kate Timmons Considine

Tribute by: Genevieve Clare Timmons

Kate is my beautiful daughter, a constant source of joy and inspiration. She weaves her way through young life with boundless energy, a loyal and generous heart, and courage to steer confidently through tricky times. Salute!

Gwenda Dawn Cope

Tribute by: Tamara Nicole Brezzi & James Geoffrey Cope

Yoko Copperwaite

Tribute by: Mark

My mother Yoko (deceased) was a war bride from Japan with my father in the RAN. She overcame bigotry , lack of money and other issues bringing up 4 children in a country town. She was a remarkable women who has left an indelible memory with all of us. Her son.

Annemarie Corboy

Tribute by: Women in Super

Annemarie Corboy, as CEO of HESTA Super Fund where 85% of its 615,000 members are women, has advocated for public policy changes in many forums to increase women’s retirement savings.

Margaret Cosgriff

Tribute by: Elizabeth O’Keeffe

Mary Costigan

Tribute by: Margaret Dodds

Mary Costigan has throughout her life enriched the lives of others, both in her personal life and through involvement in community organisations in the Essendon district, predominantly St Johns Uniting Church, Essendon Citizens Advice Bureau, the Essendon Multicultural Skills Exchange Group, and Essendon Historical Society. She has valued individuals, supported their endeavours and provided comfort through their troubles. Now 96, and in residential care, Mary still encourages and values both staff members and fellow residents. She is fondly regarded by untold numbers of people her life has touched.

Anna Costoudis

Tribute by: Lisa Sarmas

Anna Coustoudis was an inspiring woman to all in her family and her large friendship circle. She was an independent, compassionate and fearless woman – a real dynamo. She worked at the Queen Victoria Hospital for many years.

Beres T Court

Tribute by: Ms Sally Court

Beres taught English to migrant women in her home in the Latrobe Valley. She believed that if a woman could speak and understand English then her world would grow and her options multiply. The goal was to provide tools to these previously limited women to make possible worthwhile, practical and fulfilling choices, thus providing empowerment and happiness in their lives.

Annemieke Craig

Tribute by: ACM-W and Vic Wic

For her tireless work to promote IT courses and careers to women in Victoria. Annemieke was the first Australian ACM-W Ambassador and integral to the growth of the Victorian Women in Computing group (VicWIC).

Maryanne Craker (nee Burdeu)

Tribute by: Rita Burdeu, Margaret Burdeu, Judy Durr

Dedicated to improving the working lives and career options of enrolled nurses in Australia. Committed to her local community. A loving daughter, wife, mum and gran, and super sister, auntie and cousin.

Margaret Craker (nee Casban)

Tribute by: Ron Craker

She created a home full of warmth and welcome. Her sunny nature captured the hearts of all in true friendship. Forever an english rose in a sunburnt country.

Janiffer Crosbie (nee Williams)

Tribute by: Jennifer Debnam-Williams

Janiffer is a lovely person. As a woman and doctor she has shown all around her a truly wonderful example of kindness, patience, strong family values and consistently compassionate intelligence.

Edna Lily Crowe

Tribute by: Kylie Price

Judith Crowe

Tribute by: Melbourne Girls College

As Principal of Melbourne Girls’ College, Judy Crowe has continued to amaze us with her incredible commitment, enthusiasm and dedication for our school over the years. Her charm and unforgettable smile shows her incredible optimism and friendliness with not only her staff and students but all who visit Melbourne Girls’ College. She is supportive and encouraging in many different areas and helps create these experiences for the students. Some of these include the school’s environment team and the school’s rowing and Aerobics teams. These and many other opportunities she helps provide for her students shows how she is an open person. She is accepting of many cultures, including our own Indigenous Australians. As a principal her job is not easy and she has dealt with her fair share of challenges, and does so with dignity and fairness. She is greatly admired for this.

Rhonda Cumberland

Tribute by: City of Melbourne

Councillor 1988-1993, Melbourne City Council

Lisa Ellen Cunningham

Tribute by: May Emma Cunningham

My daughter has shown great courage through illness and given strength and loyalty to others, and love to her family. She is admired for her independence and free thinking.


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