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Listed by surname:

Madeleine Sanders

Tribute by:  Victorian ICT for Women Network

Misha Schubert

Tribute by:  YWCA (Liz Billings)

Outstanding contribution to YWCA Victoria and work supporting disadvantaged and marginalised women in the community.

Francesca Sciarretta

Tribute by:  City of Melbourne

Councillor 1991-1993, Melbourne City Council

Beryl Scott

Tribute by:  Chris Scott

Beryl Scott – mother of Tony, Barbara, Joselyn and Chris. Grandmother of 21, great grandmother of 29 and great great grandmother of 4 (to date).

June Senyard

Tribute by:  Jenny Beacham

June is a great academic, has published many books, is a very good golfer, a terrific family member and interested in the world in all its dimensions.

Kay Setches

Tribute by:  Denis Setches

Labor feminist MP, Cabinet Minister, Co Founder of EMILY’s List, Co Chair, Queen Victoria Women’s Trust, Convenor “Why Women’s Health? Consultation”. Community and political activist, refuge worker, conservationist. Loving life partner, mother, grandmother.

Michelle Setches

Tribute by:  Kay and Denis Setches

Caring, loving mother, supportive life partner, attentive and thoughtful daughter and sister. Possessing great creative and artistic skills.

Victoria Jane Setches

Tribute by:  Kay and Denis Setches

Wonderful loving daughter, devoted caring mother, affectionate loyal life partner, tireless community worker for kindergarten, school and sporting communities, and an innovative and dedicated political activist for equality and justice.

Doreen Cecilia Setches

Tribute by:  Denis Setches

Partner to Norman. Mother to Jill and Denis. Always showing love and care. Teaching values by her example, strength, courage, purpose and dedication to her family, friends and local church community.

Hannah Mary Helen Sexton

Tribute by:  Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Trust

Co-founder of the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital. In 1886 Helen led the fight to allow women students into the Faculty of Medicine at Melbourne University. In 1899, she became the first woman appointed as the first female surgeon at the Royal Women’s Hospital, remaining there until 1910. In 1915, during the First World War, she created a field hospital in France and was the first female to be appointed to the French army, having been refused entry by the Australian army.

Usha Sharma

Tribute by:  Victorian Multicultural Commission

Usha Sharma was born in Fiji Islands before migrating to Australia with her two children and settling in Melbourne. She served as a VMC Commissioner from 2005 to 2008 and has worked extensively in the community helping develop and foster understanding of multiculturalism and currently coordinates and presents Radio Mast and Indian Voice of Fiji at 88.3 Southern FM, a community radio station.

Chia Sharpe

Tribute by:  Jenny Beacham

Chia is my granddaughter. A very good student who is studying to be a doctor, and who reads and enjoys many of the same books I do.

Jodie Sharpe

Tribute by:  Jenny Beacham

Jodie is my granddaughter. A budding chef after an apprenticeship at Stefano’s. A forceful speaker. A leader. Has always been an adult.

Helen M. Shaw

Tribute by:  Susan J. L’Huillier (nee Shaw), Janet Shaw

For over 30 years as a physiotherapist, your knowledge, skill and compassion has helped many people. You raised us with love and laughter. You are our inspiration. Susan and Janet.

Patricia Moreen Sheehan

Tribute by:  Sheehan Family

30/05/35 – 30/09/2000

Vivienne Ellen Shepherdson

Tribute by:  Bronwyn Irma Lewis

Vivienne is a woman of high intelligence and who has chosen to use her gifts for the betterment of our world. She is a wonderful daughter, mother and sister.

Lucy Shields (nee Livesley)

Tribute by:  Jennifer Elizabeth Kamp, Lucille Newbury Clements

Our mother. Lucy Mary (nee Livesley) Shields. 28/08/1911 – 11/02/1982. Always encouraged education.

Esme Florence Sier

Tribute by:  Donna Stone

This was my mother, who was a role model for myself and my daughters. She was a very loving, giving and caring person. She died of ovarian cancer.

Margaret Simons

Tribute by:  Jean Ker Walsh

This tribute is in gratitude for a friend and friendship strengthened by all we’ve shared in the name of Book Group, a gathering (since 1990) of women remarkable for their energy, intellect, opinions, and achievement. Always caring and supporting one another.

Mary Ellen Simpson

Tribute by:  Rita Simpson, Rose Shelley

Active member of the Country Women’s Association. From a pioneering family in the Boorhaman district of Victoria. Loved sister and auntie.

Marjorie Smart

Tribute by:  Sheila Byard, Anne Cutler, Cheryl Iser, Jenny Hall, Russell Byard, Susan McKeand Humphries, Margaret Harrison, Janet Taylor, Heather-Anne Field, Nola Squire, St Hilda’s College, Helen Tippett, Christine (nee Hibberd) Penfold, Mary Ross

Marjorie (Margaret Helen) Smart was born in Canada. After graduating BA from the University of Manitoba, she worked for the British High Commissioner’s Office in Ottawa & Washington, and became vice-consul for Canada in New York, where she married Major General E. K. Smart, Australian Consul General. After her husband’s death Marjorie Smart came to Melbourne and was appointed first Principal of St Hilda’s College in 1964. She brought an international perspective to the college, and influenced students to temper academic attainment with a commitment to humanitarian outcomes.

Dalal Smiley

Tribute by:  Victorian Multicultural Commission

Dalal Smiley was a Victorian Multicultural Commissioner from 2001-2005. She first arrived in Melbourne with her mother and brother in 1976 to escape the Lebanese Civil War. Dalal has always been active in the Australian multicultural sector and is a strong advocate on issues of social justice, human rights, diversity and social inclusion. Dalal worked in a number of areas including local government, community health, language services, youth and women’s affairs, community radio and emergency services. She led the transition of the Victorian Arabic Network into Victorian Arabic Social Services which she chaired from 1998 till 2005.

Sandra Kay Smyth

Tribute by:  Keith Smyth

My daughter – whose life was saved by blood transfusions provided by the staff at the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital including Dr Kate Campbell, and by Sir Lance Townsend of the Royal Women’s Hospital.

Anne Smyth

Tribute by:  Jane Fenton AM

Fiona Snedden

Tribute by:  City of Melbourne

Councillor 2004-2008, Melbourne City Council

Thelma Jean Solomon

Tribute by:  Maureen Gie

Front line feminist, courageous and continuing activist, circus performer, proud lesbian, animal and nature lover, teacher, sister to many women, bon vivant and raconteur and friend to so many. This woman shared my life for 18 years. I loved and admired her, she was very special.

Joan Sonnemann

Tribute by:  The Sonnemann Family

To a wonderful mother, we are all very grateful for your caring, gentle and generous ways. We appreciate all that you have done for us. Our love always, Fran, Kevin, Matthew, Cathy, Claire and Julie.

Dorothy Southgate (nee Haw)

Tribute by:  Dorothy Byrne

An inspiring woman who taught me that nothing is too hard if you want it enough. She made everyone feel welcome and never gave in for a good cause.

Irene Ellen Stanley

Tribute by:  Laraine, Terry & Maree

In memory of our dear mother and friend who is sadly missed but never forgotten. May her generosity, courage and spirit live on forever.

Doris Stanway

Tribute by:  Bronwen Jacobs

Doris trained as a nurse at the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital in 1929.

Barbara Dorn Staples

Tribute by:  Scott Staples

Samantha Starke

Tribute by:  Judith Arnott

The women I have met on my journey have helped make me the woman I am.

Catherine Anne Stephens

Tribute by:  Sue Farrant

Cancer sufferer, nurse fellow workmate. Battled to survive for anyone she loved (family and friends). My dearest friend for over 30 years. My hero always. Dearly missed.

Ivy Edith Stewart

Tribute by:  Andrea Appleby, Vivien, Heather, Lynton, Chris, Ross & Lorraine

Mum is an amazing, inspirational hardworking woman – raising 7 children, grandmother to 20 and Mardi to our family of 44. We all respect and love each other which reflect her values.

Barbara Stewart

Tribute by:  Barb’s Friends and Family.

Barb was our friend, sister, daughter, wife. She lived life to the full, inspired us to do the same, and brought humour to everything. We will remember and love her forever.

Joan Margaret Stokes

Tribute by:  Allan Stokes, Margaret Tarrant, Julie Hartney, Cheryl Cox & Robert Stokes

Has been an inspiration in her courage, overcoming health problems and lengthy stays and operations in hospital, and her love shown to her family.

Grace Clara Stone

Tribute by:  Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Trust

Co- founder of the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital. In 1891 Clara was one of the first two women to graduate from medicine at Melbourne University. She devoted 22 years of her life to the Queen Vic.

Emma Constance Stone

Tribute by:  Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Trust

Visionary founder of the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital. Forced to study medicine overseas as she was not able to gain entry medicine in Melbourne, in 1888 she graduated from the University of Trinity College, Toronto. In 1890 she was the first female doctor to register with the Medical Board of Victoria. On September 5th 1896, Constance led the foundation of a hospital “for women by women”, the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital with ten other women doctors, one of only three women’s hospitals worldwide run by women for women.

Emily Mary Page Stone

Tribute by:  Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Trust

Co-founder of the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital, Page began her medical studies at Melbourne University in 1889, becoming one of the first six medical honours graduates. She was the secretary of the National Council for Women from 1904-1910. In 1907 she founded the Talbot Colony for Epileptics, in Clayton which went on to become the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre, part of Austin Health.

Donna Therese Stone

Tribute by:  Leah Stone, Karla Hogg

An inspirational mother.

Joan Strachan (nee Moore)

Tribute by:  Catherine Luby, Peter Strachan, Margaret Strachan, Alison Strachan, Gavin Strachan, Frances Strachan, Janet Strachan, Catherine Strachan, Robert Strachan and Martin Strachan

Penelope Strybosch

Tribute by:  Virginia Strybosch, Victoria Strybosch, Nicolas Strybosch, Christian Strybosch

A dedicated, patient and loving mother.

Carol Anne Stuart

Tribute by:  Jean Ker Walsh

This tribute is in gratitude for a friend and friendship strengthened by all we’ve shared in the name of Book Group, a gathering (since 1990) of women remarkable for their energy, intellect, opinions, and achievement. Always caring and supporting one another. The best of friends.

Emily Alicia Stuart

Tribute by:  Lee Stuart

My grandmother.

Norma Olive Stuart

Tribute by:  Lee & Carol Stuart

Our mother.

Catherine Stutterheim

Tribute by:  Kirsten Bauer

Friend, landscape architect, designer of this garden and many other beautiful places and teacher.

Jane Sullivan

Tribute by:  Jean Ker Walsh

This tribute is in gratitude for a friend and friendship strengthened by all we’ve shared in the name of Book Group, a gathering (since 1990) of women remarkable for their energy, intellect, opinions, and achievement. Always caring and supporting one another.

Reta Sullivan (nee Frost)

Tribute by:  Pat & Lothar Pinkpank & Family

Mother, grand-mother, great grand-mother, homemaker, artist, stray animal collector, talented seamstress, at 89 still making a dozen patchwork quilts a year to donate to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Eleanor May Sumner

Tribute by:  Ernest Sumner

My mother has a commitment to work for the rights of the disposed and disenfranchised. She is an active advocate for affirmative action to enhance the status of women worldwide.

Coral Sundblom

Tribute by:  Anonymous

Stacey Sutton

Tribute by:  Jenny Beacham

Stacey is my grand-daughter. She is off to University and all the adventures that brings. She is one of the funniest people I know.

Susan Sutton (nee Beacham)

Tribute by:  Jenny Beacham

Susan is my daughter. After being our business partner for 10 years, she studied psychology and now works in the hardest area of juvenile justice, where she is a good and thoughtful team member. Her children Colin and Stacey give me constant pleasure.

Kirsty Sword Gusmao

Tribute by:  Rosalie Sword

Kirsty Sword Gusmao is my daughter. The courage, strength and compassion she has shown through her work to improve the lives of East Timor’s women has been an inspiration to me.

Jane L Symons

Tribute by:  Timothy Symons

A dedicated teacher and mother.


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