Feminist Intersections – In conversation with Ruby Hamad and Celeste Liddle

Date(s) - 26 September 2017
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Queen Victoria Women's Centre








Join Ruby and Celeste as they unpack one of feminism’s enduring questions from their unique perspectives: what exactly is the purpose of “intersectionality” and what should its goals be? Delving into the worlds of political thought, social commentary, popular culture, and online exchange, Ruby and Celeste will examine the benefits, pitfalls, and misconceptions of intersectionality; drawing on their own experiences in navigating this particular strand of mainly feminist thought while in the public eye.

Ruby Hamad
Ruby Hamad is a freelance writer, whose work covers everything from feminism to Islamaphobia to animal rights. Ruby’s work has been featured in The Age, The Guardian, The Drum, Crikey, and more. Ruby is currently writing for SBS Life.

Celeste Liddle
Celeste Liddle is an Arrernte woman, a freelance opinion writer, and social commentator. Since Celeste started her blog Rantings of an Aboriginal Feminist in 2012, her writing has appeared in The Guardian, New Matilda, Tracker Magazine and others, and she has contributed chapters to anthologies such as Pan Macmillan’s Mothers and Others.

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