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Heather Rose won the 2017 Stella Prize for her novel The Museum of Modern Love, which fictionalises the artist Marina Abramovic’s performance “The Artist is Present” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Emily Bitto was inspired by the Heide Circle in writing her debut novel The Strays, which follows a group of bohemian artists in 1930s Melbourne and won the 2015 Stella Prize.
At this free event, these two remarkable authors will discuss their writing lives, the art that inspired their fiction, and their experiences as creative women. Hosted by writer and critic Lou Swinn.

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Queen Victoria Women’s Centre International Women’s Day Address: Ruby Hamad – Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and the Global South: When Feminism and Neoliberalism Collide


The Queen Victoria Women’s Centre presents Ruby Hamad -  writer and filmmaker. Ruby has been a columnist for Fairfax’s Daily Life website since 2012, where she writes about everything from feminism to Islamophobia to animal rights. She is also an ongoing contributor to SBS Online and makes regular appearances on the ABC panel The Drum, discussing current events and politics. She has a master’s degree in journalism and media practice from the University of Sydney, and teaches part-time in history and social sciences at the University of Western Sydney.

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Ruby Hamad Talk – IWD 2017

Feminist Intersections – In conversation with Ruby Hamad and Celeste Liddle


Ruby and Celeste unpack one of feminism’s enduring questions from their unique perspectives: what exactly is the purpose of “intersectionality” and what should its goals be? Delving into the worlds of political thought, social commentary, popular culture, and online exchange, Ruby and Celeste examine the benefits, pitfalls, and misconceptions of intersectionality; drawing on their own experiences in navigating this particular strand of mainly feminist thought while in the public eye.

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